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6 Natural Ways to Balance Your Chakras

There are 7 chakras in the body. They are distinct energy centres, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. They regulate all parts of your bodily system, and each of these has a direct correlation to a person’s physical body. When 7 chakras are open and keep in alignment, the healing energy – Prana can flow freely within your body, making you vibrant, healthy, and alive. Once they become blocked or out of sync, this can negatively impact your physical and psychological health.

If your chakras are out of balance, how do you align or maintain them?

Visualization: Clear your mind from negative chatter and then try to visualize drawing energy up from the centre of the earth to cleanse each energy centre. Image some beautiful things that represent happiness or love.

Colour: Each chakra can emit a different colour which represents a specific vibration. Follow your heart to choose what colours to wear. Choose the right colour clothes can help readdress the balance of the energy centre.

Red – Root Chakra
Orange – Sacral Chakra
Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra
Green or Pink – Heart Chakra
Blue – Throat Chakra
Indigo or Purple – Third Eye Chakra
Purple or White – Crown Chakra

Nature: Feel more healing energy of nature by sitting in the grass or walking barefoot. Being closer to nature can bring more peace into your life. Even placing some flowers or plants at your home will make a positive difference.

Yoga: Yoga has long been used to unblock the chakras and help people to become attuned to their energy. It encourages you to manipulate, flex and reposition parts of the body that are linked to specific chakras. It can promote the flow of positive energy throughout the entire system.

Scalar Energy: Scalar energy charge the cells and offer you the much-needed energy to open and remove the blockages. Once the blockages are removed, our body will restore the flow of Prana back to a healthy state. Just as removing the fallen tree from the river restored water flow. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine: “Where there is free flow, there is no pain or disease.”

Frequency Healing: Everything is made of vibrations, such as each human cell, organ, emotion, thought and etc. Each chakra has a specific healing frequency known as Solfeggio healing frequencies, which are the best to stimulate the chakras.

Here is a list of healing frequencies for you to unblock each chakra.

Come and try to remove the blockage in your chakras.

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6 thoughts on “6 Natural Ways to Balance Your Chakras

  1. scarecrow says:

    Enjoying the moment reading success stories! I had experiences with my own chakra’s. They are vitally important for ones energy generators. This is only learned by the person themselves! You can’t teach someone too activate such a personal chakra’s at best one can experience the results! Years back I didn’t know about chakra’s and when I read about them I said, I laughed! OK! Then! One night as I was falling asleep and something in my mind caught my attention! I was panicking because I heard what sounded like a hundred stun guns were all going off at the same time!

    Then my body became paralyzed, and I thought I died because I was raising out of my body separation from the physical body lying on the bed! I could still hear these mysterious chakra’s making all kinds of electrical and it was like in a wind storm! Can’t teach that one! Everyone is unique and for the record like your fingerprints, your chakra’s are the only ones in the world that can’t be duplicated! The Bio-well is a fabulous energy tool.

    It will help you see how scalar works on the human energy field using the “Before and After” captures. Bio-well will show your chakra’s if they are out of alignment and just like a car that hits to many potholes and you can rest assure anyone of your chakra’s could be from 10% to 100% if it were possible to reach such high percentages. Chakra’s are not physical! You can’t see them on x-rays or MRI’s or anything else. You can only experience the moment.

    The graphical representation of this instrument is awesome! No guess work! You will certainly know if your chakra’s leave energetic footprints using Kirlian Photography method. There are others to be sure enough, this one is the low price tool developed in Russia and its sold to distributors in the USA. Anything made here will cost you $7000+ or more! Approaching chakra’s has to be on the non-physical approach and only then you only see the mathematical formulated results of all your chakra’s those that are weak and the strong along with their sizes and alignment.

    I like the scalar approach, it to works both physical and non-physical corrections. But your first priority would be your spooky scalar and the Bio-Well should be your second most important tool and if you can get the Helignosis Life Meter (ORGONE). It measures both physical and non physical. energy prints, $500.00. I believe it is sold out of Canada. I wanted to make mention what happens when your chakra’s are not aligned, not resized and what to probably expect. This is like hunting Bigfoot you only know its been there when a footprint is discovered. Everything under the SP2 are track finders!

    1. When you have for instance, small and weak chakra’s, you will find if and when you are conscious of your astral body or out of body experiences will keep you close to your physical body because it has no strength to allow you too travel or remember anything that happened on your journey.

    2. When the chakra is too big for its size; it will override all the others. Like a clogged pipe, no free flow! SP2 has a variety of ways to clean the clogged drain. But one needs to know if what your time and effort you placed into all this actually works or not! If you don’t have the right tools you can’t build a house or a car so to speak. If you are trying to help someone you love and you run your radionics machines for healing energies directed to them along with your scalar device, how are you going to know what you did works? The subsidiary tools such as the BIO-Well and Life Meter will show you how effective your treatments have been! If it shows no results, swallow your pride, suck it up and the machine that cost you an arm and leg, you either have to do a better search for your tunings or try something completely different.

    3. The hardest part of having all these tools is the cost and this is where your “priorities” Lie”! At least having the “Least Expensive” ORGONE LIFE METER is better than not having any of these tools to confirm what you are doing is or isn’t working! Personally, I feel, all the tools mentioned; will answer all your questions not only about chakra’s, there meridians pathways etc. but on any experiment you might want to try! You see, I didn’t learn all this overnight, it took years of hit and misses and at the time, the Internet was still in its infancy in 1995. Today at a push of a button or placing a simply stated question, one can bring up almost anything these days.

    4. When you use your Scalar equipment, you are not just going to experience real world results, you are also going to open “psychic” doorways”! Like it or not, it is what it is! You can suppress it only wanting the physical manifestations and that is a big part of it, but eventually your spiritual eyes will open to things you might feel uncomfortable experiencing or talking about such things as this. If you monkey around with a wall receptacle you can take it apart and rebuild it. Sooner or later you may get jolted doing something like that. And you understand this reality and accept it when and if it happens.

    It’s going to happen if you are repairing such things all the time! The same is true with the Scalar production tools! You will see evidence or proof of what’s working or not. Every time you mess around with the chakra’s you will inevitably open other than worldly doors, some good and some not so good. This is part of the same landscape along with what we call, “The real world”! Don’t be surprised if you begin to see colored dreaming and the coveted “Lucid Dreaming”, being able to control, direct your dreaming. I went further than what I would have liked, yet no one thing, “Chance Favors a Prepared Mind”!

    1. Hi there. Thank you so much for your sincere sharing. Wish you all the best! Blessings. 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    Thank you very much for the post, giving such a comprehensive answer. Much appreciated :))

    1. Dear Peter. Your questions are so good and we believe that many scalar users are interested in these questions. Thanks for your questions and your reply.

  3. Peter says:

    How does one know if/when a chakra is out of balance and, if so, which chakra, please?

    1. Hi, Peter. Your questions are good. Hope this new blog will help you: From this blog, we will know some warning signs of which chakra is out of balance.

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