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Help your friends earn a 3% discount for their first orders

01. Invite Your Friends to Spooky2 Scalar

Make sure you use your referral link when you share with your friends.

02. Your Friend(s) Make Their First Purchase

They will get a 3% discount for their first orders. This coupon is only for the purchase of Spooky2 Scalar.

03. Earn Free Store Credits

You will earn a $50 credit for every new customer you introduce to Spooky2 Scalar. You can redeem any equivalent on

98.7% of our users say they’d like to recommend Spooky2 Scalar to a friend!

Every referral you invite can earn you this bonus.

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How many store credits can you earn?

🚀 The more friends you refer the more credits you earn.

Spooky2 Scalar Referral Program – FAQ

What is a store credit?

You can use multiple purchases with it until the total credit specified is exhausted or until the coupon expires. You can even buy products worth more than the remaining credit and just pay the difference at checkout.

How does this referral program work?

Everyone has a unique referral link that’s easy to share with friends & family. Simply send it out via email, or social media – whichever you prefer! Once your friend completes the purchase, you’ll receive a $50 credit to your store account. Your next purchase over $100 will have this credit applied.

How do I share my referral link with friends?

We’ve made it simple to conveniently share your link on social media, via email. Here’s how to invite friends from your computer or phone browser:

Method 1:

Method 2:

  • Log into your account or register
  • On the left-hand side of your account page. You will see the “Referrals tab. Click “Refer a friend here.”
  • Select one of the social media sharing options.
  • Send your link by email.

How do I see the status of my referrals and credits?

You can view your successful referrals from the account area – “Referrals tab.

You can view your store credits from the account area – “Couponstab.

When will I receive my credit?

Referral credit will be added to your account as soon as your friend/family completes the purchase. If your account doesn’t receive credit, please contact us and we’ll help resolve the problem.

I was referred by a friend/family member. How do I make sure they get credit?

Use your friend or family member’s unique referral link when you sign up for Spooky2 Scalar and complete the purchase. They will be automatically listed as your referrer, and receive credit.

I received the 3% discount coupon. How do I use it?

The discount coupon will expire after 4 weeks. It is only for the purchase of Spooky2 Scalar. Please remember to use it on the shopping cart page.

NOTE: If you still have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].