Spooky2 was born on an auspicious day – 1 April, 2013. John White, the creator of Spooky2, is a Rife researcher and inventor with a background in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Computer Sciences. He has been researching and developing solutions to serious diseases since 2008. John specializes in Energy, resonance, Scalar Healing, Biofeedback and PEMF Therapy. With an insatiable desire for truth and knowledge, John has collaborated with other research groups to discover answers to health issues.

At the beginning of John’s career, the death of John’s grandparents influenced him greatly. He felt the helplessness of being unable to extend the lives of those he loves. The subsequent death of Peter Garbett, his teacher and mentor, brought focus to his determination to find a solution to illness.

The original Spooky2 system worked remotely, using the principles of quantum entanglement to take advantage of the scientifically documented antenna properties of DNA. Later on, John designed other methods of delivering healing frequencies, including contact, plasma, PEMF, ultrasonic, etc. The new GeneratorX is not only the world’s most advanced Rife generator, it also changes the rules for biofeedback entirely.

Spooky2 is now the world’s best frequency healing system, encompassing many modes of treatment, local or remote. What started as a seed of an idea from one man has grown to become a forest of ideas shared by thousands.

John continued his research on health issues, and searched for answers to help people with devastating illness. He realized that most treatment machines on the market today use either electric or magnetic fields to provoke some sort of biological response. Yet scalar fields are seldom used.

James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish scientist born in 1831, first discovered scalar fields. Nikola Tesla advanced Maxwell’s findings, and invented machines that proved the existence this energy. Scalar energy has some remarkable properties, one of them being its ability to heal.

Plasma is currently recognized as the best method of frequency treatments. The plasma tube emits near-field signals which are devastating to pathogens. This is a form of scalar energy.

One idea came to John’s mind; why can’t we design a machine which combines the work from the two greatest men; Royal Raymond Rife and Nikola Tesla. A machine which can output healing frequencies with pure scalar fields. John also wanted the machine to be a stand-alone device, with no computer required. After over a year of research and development, Spooky2 Scalar was finally born.

Spooky2 Scalar is the world’s first scalar device which can provide three different methods of transmitting healing scalar waves: pure scalar, molecular scalar and Rife scalar.

We believe that if Royal Rife and Nikola Tesla were still alive today, they would be proud of what Spooky2 has achieved.

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