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Scalar VS. Non-Scalar: Human Energy Field in Scalar Field

There are a lot of people in scalar group reporting that they feel nothing change when in scalar field. Is it true that nothing has changed within your body?

As we all know, Spooky2 Scalar can induce scalar energy to your body and give you much-needed energy. In order to test that, we measured the energy field of one person to analyze his energetic homeostasis. After all, it is the most sensitive reflection of the physical, emotional and, in some cases, spiritual condition of a person.

Now, let’s see what will happen to your human energy field.

Here is an experiment done by Mr Long, one of our engineers.

  • Experimental Instrument

Bio-Well is a tool made especially for express-assessment of the energetic state of a person. It is not a medical instrument, it is not designed for medical diagnostics, it measures energy and stress of a person.

  • Experimental Process

2019-07-10 08:12 AM, Long used bio-well to do scan for whole body before sitting in scalar field.
2019-07-10 08:52 AM, Long used bio-well to do re-scan after sitting in scalar field for 40 mins.

  • Experimental Results

From the above scan results, we can clearly see that the value of stress changes from 3.33 to 3.27, which proves that scalar energy can help alleviating stress.

(Note: Are you suffering from stress for a long term? If yes, learn more from here.)

The level of energy goes up from 50.25 to 60.54, increasing by 10.29. It is so great to have such an improvement within 40 mins. The whole balance of human energy field has improved to 98%, nearer to a state of perfection. For someone with low energy, sitting in scalar field can give your cells much-needed energy, which will help energy flow freely within your body and promote your energy field going into the well-balanced.

(Note: Don’t you know why you have chronic diseases. Maybe low energy is your answer. Check more details from here.)

12 Principal Meridians, divided into Yin and Yang, are energy channels of life energy (Qi). When there is a blockage in our energetic pathways, the body becomes less energetic. In traditional Chinese medicine, the free flow of energy throughout the body is vital to health.

As is shown in the picture, the energy level of 12 Principal Meridians, gets dramatically improved after sitting in scalar field for 40 mins. More than half of their color changes from green to light yellow or even yellow, meaning that your energy gets increased or reaches to the high energy level.

All in all, scalar energy works well in relieving pressure, inducing enough energy to your body and improving the whole balance of your energy field. All these can bring you to health condition in natural way instead of pills, potions, or surgery.

If you have any questions or advice about experiment, welcome to comment below.

8 thoughts on “Scalar VS. Non-Scalar: Human Energy Field in Scalar Field

  1. Dennis says:

    To be upfront, I am all for the Bio-Well and I know what it can do! Many who are new to this would think $2000.00 plus $35 a month to work off their server and that server has around 25-30 years of human information! So you are paying access to rent their proprietary property. Still $35.00 per month is not all that bad!

    We ad the cost of what I am getting from Spooky2 Scalar and the digitizer along with a few other accessories around $2500.00! We are looking around $4500.00 if one is very serious in using such advanced equipment! What else can the Bio-Well do for any of us? Here is the thing this is a cheaper version of the 3-d rendering to use 5-7 thousand dollars for active aura and measurements! #2: Let’s say you are interested in a Radionics device and you use it on yourself. But what if it didn’t work! Or what if you think it works? There is no other tool out there and I been looking for the past 22 years!

    Your not going to find better than this! Especially with prices on the constant rise! Now getting back to the specific question is what you are doing is it working actually working for you? Good question! How would one know? Using reflexology, I don’t have much faith in this situation. Reflexology in my opinion and believe me, everyone has ones these days, is not going to show us your aura or your stress in high percentages. There are indeed similar analytical tools out there, that run in the neighborhood around $6000.00, these prices are for people who have a ongoing business that they can absorbed the costs through their practices,

    I am not one of such people! Got to cut costs where I can without compromising what it is I need to accomplish! In my opinion, one needs something like the BIO_WELL for use of measuring the “before and after” results of any of the tests you give to it! You definitely want to know if what your doing is worth both money and time to doing it!

    1. Jenny Hansen says:

      I’m looking into this now. I think it could be a good way to show people who don’t feel things that there is work being done. And I love the idea of showing the energy off!!! I will look into both of these solutions. I still don’t know exactly how Aura works. Need to do some research on it!

  2. Ron Havenaar says:

    It is very true that some people have strong sensations. Others feel nothing, but see effects.

    One was nearly having a blackout because she did eat too little (low sugar level) when metabolism jumped up.

    One was having no sensations at all. His complaint was a very heavy swollen left leg caused by edema. I did session on Saturday. He saw nothing changed. was seeing his doctor on Monday morning and said : ‘I will show you my problem doctor’ and dropped his pants. Doctor said: ‘Well, are you sure, I see nothing wrong’. He was amazed to see that his problem was mysteriously solved …..

    One was having knee problems after football match. Had to see physio therapist after every match. After 10 minutes on the scalar field never needed a therapist again.

    1. Dear Ron Havenaar, so thanks for your comment and your sharing. Could I share these experiences in our scalar group?

      1. Ron Havenaar says:

        Yes of course.
        Regards, Ron

        1. Dear Ron Havenaar, thank you so much. If you have any suggestions about experiments, welcome to share with us.

  3. thomas says:

    Thank you for running these experiments, they are very interesting! I’ve tan similar ones with a Kirlian camera and fruit (to eliminate possible placebo effect), I just have pictures, no software base analysis, just visual interpretation, I would appreciate your point of view on my results, is there a means to share it with you?

    1. Dear thomas, so happy to see your comment here again. You can share your photos in our scalar group:

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