Testimonial: Keratosis Mole is Completely Gone After Using Spooky2 Scalar

This is an exciting successfully story shared by our lovely user, Suzi Smith. A couple of years ago she was told the slow growing growth was a Keratosis Mole. What’s worse, she was told that the Keratosis Mole can keep growing but if it changes shape or

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Masaki Miyagawa: 4 Big Reasons Why I Choose Spooky2 Scalar

Masaki wants to share his thoughts about Spooky2 Scalar after using a period of time. He thinks that the Pure Scalar mode is very easy to use and Spooky2 Scalar is great for us to deal with chronic disease. People can basically to set it up in

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How to Apply 8 Hz to Scalar Field?

Step 1 Load the program Healing 3 into GeneratorX. Step 2 Set up Spooky2 Scalar devices. Step 3 Connect GeneratorX to Spooky2 Scalar. Tune Spooky2 Scalar. Step 4 Start the Healing 3 program in GeneratorX. One cycle of the program is 3min. Loop the program if you

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What are Scalar Waves?

Back in the mid-1800s, James Clark Maxwell first discovered scalar waves. Maxwell made great contributions in the field of mathematical physics. He formulated the theories of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields. Then Nikola Tesla advanced Maxwell’s findings and invented machines that proved the existence of scalar waves

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[SAMA] Unexplored Human Abilities

We are delighted to have Richard Gordon as our guest expert in this week’s episode. Title: Unexplored Human Abilities Date: Friday, October 12, 2018 Time: 9:00 AM Nanjing, China (GMT+8.00) SAMA Expert: Richard Gordon Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch Organization, is a visionary and a pioneer. With

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