What about placing a photo between the two scalar boxes?

First, if a photo was not made from photons that were in direct contact with the target, then there is no inherent QE to that photo. Digital photos do not carry inherently entangled photons and are not QE to the person in the photo. You will need to use a polaroid or equivalent if you wish to rely on QE that is established by action.

If you place an actual entangled photo on the transmitter, the transmitter can write information to the photo and the fact that some of those photons may be entangled after having been in contact with the target, can transmit information to them — no additional steps required.

If you use a digital photo or place it in-between the two scalar boxes, then there’s no mechanism inherent to the technology to do any work.

However, and this is what happens in most cases, the operator can establish an energetic conduit with their own consciousness.

Operators who are successful in establishing an energetic conduit do not need the technology to do work. Simply the technology gives the operator a model in which to concentrate their intent.

While the outcome may be similar in the end, the mechanism used is important to delineate as not everyone will have the same level of ability when it comes to the use of consciousness and will have a variety of hit and miss results.

The idea behind technological implementations is that it removes this variable and produces more consistent results across many. Many skilled operators in the realm of consciousness-based healing forget this fact as they are looking at it from a self-centric view, rather than a what fits all perspective.

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