If using pain killer would work on the receiver?

When you provide the information of a substance to the body, the body will choose how to react.
When you take a substance physically, the body has no choice but to react to the chemical reactions. It will do so until the substance is fully broken down.
Many times the information of a substance acts as a catalyst, signaling the body to perform a function. The result may be the same as what a substance taken physically invokes; however, a lot of times the reaction is actually different but produces benefits nevertheless.
The introduction of information will push or pull the body’s internal processes in a new direction.
In a healthy system, the body will maintain balance and no adverse reactions will be noted. Work will be done and the body at some point may start to ignore the information as a new state of balance is achieved.
In an unhealthy system where balance may not be present when information pushes or pulls the body further out of balance, this is when we may experience adverse reactions.
Unlike being actually poisoned if you took a poison, the body can quickly recover if you stop pushing it further out of balance by removing that information from the field.
The body will not do anything it can’t normally do by the information alone.
In the case of the poison example, information of poison doesn’t keep reacting in the body like the poison itself for which you can not stop except with an antidote (another chemical reaction). Instead, it triggers the body’s natural immune response to counter the effects of poisoning which it now believes has happened.
With the lack of actual physical damage from being poisoned, the immune response is left with nothing to do but go out and deal with other issues present in the body.
For someone with an underactive immune system, the information of poison actually serves as a kick in the pants to get it moving.
It is not much different than how the information in light (UVB which is a specific frequency band) triggers the production of vitamin D3 in the body.
If you don’t have enough 7-dehydrocholesterol in the body present, the body won’t be able to make D3.
If the body has enough D3 already in the system, it will ignore the information of the UVB.
Overdosing of vitamin D3 usually is a result of taking it as a supplement, not from too much exposure to sunlight.

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