How to run scan results on my cat with Scalar and GenX?

I performed a BFB on my cat using Spooky2 Scalar on GenX. Now I want to run the results. The hardware setup for the Scalar BFB is still in place.
To run scan results I have completed the following…
Preset collection\Shell empty\Scalar\Spooky2 Scalar General(SS)-JW
In the Programs tab, I selected the BFB scan results, then to the control tab. I’m using GenX so I have ports 4 and 5 to choose from. Port 4 (Scalar digitizer) is Gen1. Port 5 (BNC) is Gen2.

If you wish to proceed with the #s, you would run it on the generator that is connected to the transmitter wired into the modulation port.

I believe from your description, this is Gen Port 5 (BNC) from your description.

This will modulate the scalar device with the frequencies you obtained despite having no weight to them.

Your cat will benefit from being in the scalar field, and may or may not find additional benefit from turning that field on and off at various rates.

Also, the frequencies will not translate to remote. They are modulators and the remote will be missing the carrier frequency to reproduce the frequency spread that you had in effect while using scalar.

Of course, the frequencies themselves will do work as an entrainment frequency where resonant, but they won’t carry any weight of being from a feedback based process.

The scalar system is looking for increases in current in the link cable, and how a cat was able to generate more energy in the scalar field as a sign that the frequency was resonant has no scientific merit.

You are free to do as you see fit, but suggest you maybe spend less time trying to use a broken process and find a more methodical approach that you can tweak to help your cat.

I hope that the energy of the scalar by itself is enough to give your cat the boost needed regardless.

When the cat is in the scalar field, you could also within reason, try adding biological information on the input coil that would be applicable to the cat.

For more details, please check this link:

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