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More People in Scalar Field, Less Scalar Energy?

A lot of people have asked if the scalar energy will be reduced if the scalar field is shared by more than one people.

The answer is yes.

Scalar fields can be thought of as similar to a rope, tied at one end. Forward and time-reversed waves become locked in resonance with one another, creating an energy field. Two particles become connected, represented by your hand and the hook.

The scalar field goes in all directions, but a receiver will absorb this energy, in a similar way to the ionised gas in a plasma ball. The finger absorbs the energy, and a stream of electrons passes through the glass to the finger. When this happens, the energy becomes more focused.

So does it mean that there is a loss of efficiency in the scalar field when it is shared with someone else?

The answer is no, though it is not as simple as this.

The scalar field is much like your AC wall outlet in terms of power. You can plug in a laptop and not pull the maximum power from the wall. You can also add a power strip and plug in a TV, game console, etc. and still not pull the maximum power from the wall outlet. You will not blow the breaker until reach the maximum power draw of the circuit.

The scalar field is similar. It just puts out a certain amount of energy. You do not draw the entire energy when you’re in scalar field. Consequently, you and your spouse will not each draw 50% of the energy when you share the scalar field. In fact, each receiver will pull what it needs. You just draw the energy that your body needs.

We have not seen the scalar energy go down simply because more people are sharing the scalar field. No one knows what the limits are, and that’s why some users have 100s of people in dedicated scalar rooms without issue.

The scalar energy does not fall because there are too many people in the scalar field, so there’s no need to worry about having less scalar energy when you share the scalar field with your family members or friends. You each draw the scalar energy that your body needs.

Let’s hear what other users say.

Note: Learn more about sharing the scalar field here.

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One thought on “More People in Scalar Field, Less Scalar Energy?

  1. Kay Weldon says:

    I have not noticed any feeling of scalar energy between my units that I’ve been using for over a month. The lights say it is working, so what is the energy field supposed to feel like?

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