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What is the Ideal Distance for Spooky2 Scalar?

Spooky2 Scalar is comprised of two black cases. One is called a Transmitter, and the other, a Receiver. Spooky2 Scalar is simple to operate. A scalar field can be produced when the Transmitter is turned on and tuned. Some people are wondering how far apart the two Spooky2 Scalar devices should be placed.

The minimum recommended distance between the two units is 6 feet. Try to keep at least 2 feet away from the Transmitter and 1 foot away from the Receiver. When you do BFB scan, try to keep the two units close together so that the scan results are not affected by other items inadvertently entering the scalar field.

There is theoretically no limit to the maximum distance between the two units. The further apart the two boxes are, the bigger and stronger the scalar field is. However, more items will be within the field, reducing the strength. Also, a very long link cable will lose some energy.

The scalar field is not blocked by walls. You can put the two units in different rooms to get a bigger and stronger scalar field. For best results, keep the two lids facing each other.

Is it safe to share the Scalar Field?

Your energy has already been quantum entangled with family members and friends, so you can share the scalar field with them. We do not recommend sharing the scalar field with strangers, or people with serious diseases.

If you don’t want the scalar field to affect others, keep the two scalar units at a minimum distance. At times, it is impossible to avoid sharing the scalar field, but this is not necessarily a problem.

You are already energetically intertwined with any person you spend time with. Anecdotal evidence describes emphatic or sympathetic symptomatic sharing, not actual transference of disease.

Scalar fields are not the only means to transfer information. Simple plain sunlight (photons) can also do this. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp has already established that the bio photons we emit is all that one needs to share in order to establish an underlying bond. Scalar is just another possible way of sharing. Sharing sunlight with other people (or animals) will have a similar result as sharing a scalar field. We are all beings of energy and light. We share and influence each other all the time. Scalar is not something that makes this start, it is already happening.

However, for those who are not already in your inner circle, you may wish to lean towards caution. For those who are already in your space, scalar should not be something to fear. At worse, if you start to feel like you are experiencing shared symptomatic responses with others who share the field with you, all you have to do is stop sharing and the symptoms should fade.

This same concerns were raised for Spooky Remote, which also works using information transfer. Many people have used Spooky Remote with multiple people at the same time without issue, proving the safety of sharing a field.

How have you set up your Spooky Scalar? Do you need help with other problems? Feel free to leave your comment below.

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14 thoughts on “What is the Ideal Distance for Spooky2 Scalar?

  1. Debby says:

    What will be the consequences if I am located just 1 foot away from the transmitter? I put the transmitter just next to my bed, and I was sleeping pretty near it (approx. 1 foot) in the past two days.

    1. Hi, Debby. The transmitter does produce a little bit of EMF. But at a very low level. A bedlamp produces EMF either. So don’t worry and for safety, make sure 2 feet away from the transmitter and 1 foot away from the Receiver.

  2. Gino Db says:

    What kind of substance can be used to imprint molecular weights, only liquids or solids as well, even gasses in a bottle?

    1. You can use essential oils, drugs or supplements. And you can imprint frequencies into the water.

  3. theebz says:

    If I have people living in the apartment above me, 12 feet above, and the scalar setup for a horizontal elliptical field (across my room point to point about 12 feet), do i risk getting information from those above me?

    1. Hi, theebz. It is a football (American) shape and the diameter is one half of the length separating the devices. So 6 feet high. You will risk getting information from those above you. So for safety, shorten the link cable and reduce the scalar field.

  4. Theo GenX owner says:

    When you say “make sure no organism in the scalar field”, why? What if i have Morgellons insects or something else in the field with me? Please advise.

    1. Hi, Theo. You just make sure no organism in the scalar field except your body. Because tiny changes in the scalar field will affect BFB scan results. Morgellons insects or something else in the body will be detected.

  5. Luis Ferreira says:

    1) Is it ok to do Scalar BFB in a lay down position sleeping in bed? the units will be on the left and to the right of the body the distance between the units (Transmitter and Receiver) there is 12 feet.

    2) About the length of the connecting cable between the units can it be shortened in order to avoid the cable from forming a coil due to space limitations?.

    1. Hi, Luis Ferreira.
      1) It is ok to do Scalar BFB in a laydown position sleeping in bed and make sure no organism in the scalar field.
      2) You can shorten the length of the link cable and avoid the metal.

  6. Gary says:

    When tuning the spooky 2 scalar I have seen and heard that the tuning dial should be turned counter clockwise until the tuning the light is at it’s maximum then the turn the tuning knob clockwise until the light goes off to achieve the correct tuning. However I have also seen and heard from you that the tuning light on the receiver should be tuned to maximum brightness and left there (turned off during treatment) to achieve the correct tuning. my question is which is correct? I just received my machine 2 weeks ago and I want to be sure I am tuning it properly when doing regular scalar treatment without any modulation. Right now I tune it by turning the tuning knob to get maximum brightness from the receiver light and the setting is at 4.55 Mhz.

    1. Hi, since you received your machine 2 weeks ago, it is the new batch of scalar. You just need to turn the tuning light on the transmitter to the maximum light. You can see the improvement here:

  7. doug wicks says:

    what is the size of the scalar field at the transmitter lid in area is it round or elliptical ?

    1. Hi, doug. The size of scalar field is elliptical.

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