Energy-Raising Month

Join Us to Save More Lives

Humans are part of the Earth. We are entities of energy surrounded and affected by Earth’s various energy fields. When these fields vibrate at a positive and healthy frequency, they will benefit everyone. If we could help build such fields, we would create a world suitable for all.

“But I am merely a regular person,” you may say, “How can my little power change the Earth?” Yes, you can. You can make an impact on and bring more positive energy to the Earth with small actions, such as life release.

Animals are like humans. They are a form of energy as well. Some animals are raised or caught as food, destined to be served on the dinner table. However, by releasing them to nature, you give them new lives and replenish the Earth’s reservoir of life energy. Little by little, you will change the ecosystem for the better.

At Spooky2, we organize life-release activities with our staff and their family every month, during which we free the fish we have bought from the market into a river under the supervision of a wildlife expert.* When we see those fish swim freely and gleefully in the river, we know we have done the right thing. Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing some fish swim back and forth as if thanking us. The experience is an unforgettable memory every participant will cherish forever.

Life release is an opportunity to help people nurture compassion and learn to respect life, but that is not everything. More importantly, it is also a way to return energy to the biosphere and the Earth.

The energy of the Earth affects everyone in every aspect. When the Earth is high in energy, it will generate smooth and harmonious energy fields, such as its electromagnetic field, to benefit all animals and plants and improve the environment. With more positive energy and a better environment, everybody, including you, can live a happier and healthier life.

Therefore, we are not releasing animals only to save them. We are doing it for the biosphere and all living things, for more positive energy on Earth, and for a better future of humanity.

*Randomly releasing animals may introduce invasive species and cause disasters to native species. Professional assistance is necessary for life release.

If you want to support us in saving more animals and building more balanced Earth fields for yourself and future generations, welcome to donate here.

Here is a video of our past events. We have saved thousands of fish and other aquatic animals over the years.

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