All about Spooky2 Scalar Receiver Light

Spooky2 Scalar has received many positive appraisals since its release. It provides necessary scalar energy to help people improve their health. Using Spooky2 Scalar is easy. You can set it up with just a few steps. Some users, however, may not know what the Receiver Light indicates.

So, what does the Receiver Light mean? How can it help you use Spooky2 Scalar? 

When to Turn on& off Your Receiver Light

When plugging the Link Cable into the Transmitter and Receiver Link Connectors, you need to turn on and tune your Transmitter box. Then, turn the Tuning Adjustment knob anticlockwise until the Tuning Light beside the Transmitter Output Coil is at its first maximum brightness. 

After that, turn the Receiver Light in your Receiver box. This step can tell you whether your scalar field is created or not, and this is the main function of the Receiver Light — just for a check.

When you use different Spooky2 Scalar modes, turn off your Receiver Light. Otherwise, it will take energy from your scalar field.

Note: The Receiver Light only needs to be dimly lit. It does not need to be at its brightest intensity. When performing Spooky2 Scalar Biofeedback Scan or running Rife Scalar, it is normal that the Receiver Light may be on, dim, or even completely off. Some power is lost in the Scalar Digitizer and GeneratorX Pro, and the link cable becomes more sensitive to the effects of earthing.

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When to Turn on or Turn off the Receiver Tuning Light

Common Q&As

According to the Spooky2 Scalar Facebook group, there are many questions related to Spooky2 Receiver Light. Here are some of them:

Q: If the Receiver Light is off, how can I know whether the scalar field is created?
A: If your Receiver Light is off, you can do a test to confirm that the scalar field is present. Go to the system tab and select “Display GX Current + Angle.” Then go to the Control tab and check the scan graph. The graph will be moving.

Q: I just received my 33-foot link cable (I was using two 15-foot cables w/ coupler). It seems that my field strength is less (based on light). Is it normal?
A: The situation in which the Receiver Light becomes dim is normal. It doesn’t mean the scalar field strength is less because the brightness of the Receiver Light cannot reflect the strength of the scalar field.

Q: I find that the brightness of the tuning light on the Receiver (when depressed) is very sensitive to the lid angle. Therefore, I always adjust the lid angle for the brightest tuning light. Does lid angle matter?
A: Generally, the angle may matter, and Spooky2 recommends placing the two lids facing each other. Also, for your reference, the lid angle may influence the Receiver Light, but the Receiver Light only needs to be lit, not be the brightest.

Q: Do different objects on the receiver coil affect Spooky2 Receiver Light brightness?
A: Any metallic object on the receiver coil will alter the inductance (and inductive reactance) of the coil. It affects the balance between the two coils and creates self-resonance in the receiver coil, which will make the LED go brighter. However, the receiver coil voltage (potential) increase does not necessarily mean a stronger scalar field, as the effects are localized to the coil.

Q: Should the Receiver Light not be dim when I put my hand in front of the lid?
A: When the hand goes in front of the lid. It will dim because your body is absorbing some of your scalar fields. Your body is becoming a scalar receiver. So, of course, the light will dim slightly.
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Q: When I tune my Spooky2 Scalar, the light on the transmitter is the brightest at 5,75 but not so bright on the Receiver. If the light is not so bright, does this mean that the field is not so strong? I want to know what causes this situation.
A: It is normal. When tuning the scalar, please make sure that you tune until the transmitter light is at its first maximum brightness. If the tuning light on the transmitter box can be tuned to its first maximum brightness, that means the scalar field is working. The Receiver Light is used to check that the Scalar field is formed. It does not need to be at its brightest intensity.

Q: Should we push down the Receiver Light button during a biofeedback scan?
A: You do not need to push down the button while doing a biofeedback scan, and Spooky2 Receiver Light is just for a check.

Q: Where is this light switch? Where is the Receiver Light?
A: If you are confused about the names of different functions, you can take these two pictures as your reference.


Spooky2 Scalar’s Receiver Light is useful to help you make sure the presence of a scalar field. If your Receiver Light is off, you can also do a test to confirm that the scalar field is produced with the help of Spooky2 software.  

If you have more questions on this subject, please send an e-mail to us, or ask questions in the Spooky2 Scalar Facebook group.

Besides, if you are new to Spooky2 Scalar, and also want to enjoy the magic of it, please click here.

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