Q&A: Would Any Conditions Or Locations Allow One Tune The Transmitter To Eight MHZ?

In this Q&A, John will explain generally no because the highest frequency we run is 6 MHZ and will not beyond 7 MHZ. Synchronizing is the most important thing to ensure harmony.

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Q&A:Can Link Cable Disconnected After Tunning?

In this Q&A, John will explain why you cannot move away the link cable after tunning.

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Q&A: Are The Two Units Synchronized?

In this Q&A, John will explain they actually perfectly Synchronized, between the two units are mangy Molecules which led to unsynchronized.

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Health Benefits Of Angelica Essential Oil

About Angelica Essential Oil Angelica essential oil is extracted from either the seeds or the roots of the plant, commonly known as Holy Ghost. Wild celery and Norwegian angelica have long been valued as a medicinal plant. It grows in the damp soil of mainly northern European

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Q&A: Can Different Types Of Scalar Wave Be Produced?

You can change that wave by putting information on in the form of substances for more modulation.

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