Spooky2 Scalar Testimonials

Big Differences In Immunity Level and Biological Age After Using Spooky2 Scalar

Charlene had a body scan that would show her what’s going on in her body, and she was using Spooky2 Scalar at night after she went to sleep within 5 days, then she discovered the amazing convert happening in her body: the stress levels were down, the result of my brain flowing activity of oxygen was 47%. After 5 days of scalar treatment, I came back to do another scan, I could see another different result, there was a definite improvement from 47% to 53%. The immunity level went up from % to 61%, the biological age after 5 nights it turned younger, what’s more, a big difference in energy accumulation and energy spending, a positive result there again. In organs area, her stomach and bladder improved. The spinal stress on the central body had declined. The indicators in her body seem to improve a lot because of the treatment of Scalar. She’s really happy with the results!

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