Important Notes For Using Spooky2 Scalar


In this video, we will show you some important notes when using Spooky2 Scalar.

1. Tune before each treatment. The tuning point may vary each day according to the temperature and humidity, as well as the layout of the machine.
2. The Transmitter and Receiver should have their lids facing each other.
3. The minimum recommended distance between the transmitter and receiver is 6 feet.
4. People who are pregnant or have a pacemaker should not use Spooky2 Scalar.
5. Overnight treatments are perfectly safe. You do not get “Frequency Fatigue” from overexposure to Scalar fields. Your body takes what it needs and disregards the rest.
6. It’s best not to share the Scalar field with anyone who has a serious illness.
7. Keep the link cable between the Transmitter and Receiver away from metal.

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