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How to Know If Scalar Field Is Present When Receiver Light Is Off

In this video, we will show you how to know if the scalar field is present when the receiver light is off.

When you perform scalar biofeedback scan or running Rife Scalar. The receiver light may be on, dim or even off. Because some power is lost in the digitizer and GeneratorX, the link cable becomes more sensitive to the effects of earthing. If the led if off, you can do a test to make confirm that a scalar field is present. Go to the system tab and select “Display GX current and angle”.

Then go to Control tab and check the scan graph. The graph is moving. Placing your hand in the scalar field should influence the graph. It means scalar filed is present.

3 thoughts on “How to Know If Scalar Field Is Present When Receiver Light Is Off

  1. ahwhatwhat says:

    I know this post is more than two years later, hopefully you got this figured out by now.

    I too had this issue. I had to remove the boxes to a location with very little metal. I put them on a wood table and to my surprise I could not get the receiver light to turn on until the receiver box were inches apart. Once the light activated, I then had to play with all different kinds of options and I found the culprit to be how the access link cable was wrapped. I kept the light on making small changes until the light was strongest and then played with the distances between the boxes. In my setup, I was able to get a max of about 3 1/2′ – 4′ with an acceptable brightness on the Receiver Link Cable Light. Every setup is going to be a little bit different, but it does appear correct conditions have to be maintained for the correct power to light the receiver link cable light. All the best to figuring out your correct conditions.

  2. Byron says:

    This is a fine if you are running rife, but if you are using scalar by itself, how can you
    tell it is running when reciever light wont come on?

    I have already made sure cable was not looped,tried another cable, still wont work.

    I have already put help requests in to support, and forum wont take my password, no one answers on facebook


    1. Vyacheslav Churnosov says:

      Hi Byron,
      I have got two rooms where I can run scalar for BFB. In first room I couldn’t get the light on scalar when scalar digitizer and other stuff was connected. But without digitizer (for the test) I could get the light on the receiver. I tried to do the same set up with digitizer for scan in another room and I could get dim light. It means I have got interference in the first room with some EMF. I suggest to you to try different locations for scalar digitizer set up.

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