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All about Spooky2 Scalar Tuning

To ensure the proper functioning of the Spooky2 Scalar, we need to tune it correctly, which is crucial for achieving optimal results. However, many users have doubts about Spooky2 Scalar tuning and are unsure about the ideal frequency. Now, let’s delve into this topic in this blog.

How to Tune

When we first turn on Spooky2 Scalar, the output frequency automatically goes to 8 MHz, which is the maximum frequency. Turning the Tuning Adjustment knob counterclockwise will decrease the frequency. To correctly tune Scalar, we need to turn the Tuning Adjustment knob counterclockwise until the Tuning Light beside the transmitter coil reaches its first maximum brightness. The first peak in the Tuning Light indicates that the scalar frequency has been found. The frequency range is approximately between 5.6 and 5.8 MHz.

If we continue to turn the tuning knob counterclockwise, the Tuning Light will dim and extinguish and then come back on. This second, lower frequency is the EMF operating frequency. The frequency range is approximately between 4.25 and 4.4 MHz. It is the confirmation that the scalar frequency was found in the previous step.

After tuning, turn on the Receiver light. It will light when there is a scalar field.

What Is the Ideal Frequency

The tuning frequency range (5.6-5.8 MHz) previously mentioned is only a reference. In reality, several factors will influence the optimal tuning frequency.

  • The length of the link cable can alters the tuning frequency. The cable is an integral part of the tuning circuit, and any changes in length may affect the optimum frequency.
  • Loops or kinks in the link cable also impact the tuning frequency. If we donot lay the cable straight, it hampers the flow of electricity and alters the frequency.
  • Electrically noisy environments can disrupt the tuning frequency. When we set up Spooky2 Scalar in a workplace, electromagnetic fields from other equipment can interfere with the pure signals of Spooky2 Scalar.
  • Seasonal changes can also cause variations in the tuning frequency. The frequency of Spooky2 Scalar can shift between sweltering summers and the depths of winter.

In summary, there is no absolute “ideal” frequency for Spooky2 Scalar. Each installation may have a unique “ideal” frequency. All we have to do is turn the Tuning knob counterclockwise until the Tuning Light beside the transmitter coil reaches its first peak.

Related Q&A

Q: Is it normal that the receiver light is not the brightest when I have turned the tuning light to its maximum brightness?

A: Yes, it is normal. And please focus on the tuning light instead of the receiver light when tuning. The receive light only needs to be lit, not be the brightest.

Q: Why doesn’t the receiver light come on when the tuning light reaches its first peak?

A: First, please make sure that your Spooky2 Scalar setup is correct.

Second, if you are doing a scalar biofeedback scan or running Rife Scalar mode, the receiver light may be on, dim, or even off because some power is lost in the digitizer and the generator. And the link cable becomes more sensitive to the effects of earthing.

Third, you can test if the scalar field is present when the receiver light doesn’t light on by watching the video below:

Q: How can we better know when the tuning light has reached its first maximum brightness?

A: You can set up the Spooky2 Scalar in a darker environment so that you can see the light changes more clearly. You can read the post to know more details.


Q: How do we know Spooky2 Scalar produces scalar waves instead of EMF?

A: During the tuning process, the tuning light will go through dimming, brightening, dimming again, and then brightening again. As long as the tuning light reaches its first maximum brightness, Spooky2 Scalar will not produce EMF.

Q: If I want to imprint water with supplements, should I place the water first and then do the tuning?

A: Yes, you should place the water on the transmitter coil and the substance on the receiver coil first and then turn on Spooky2 Scalar.

Proper tuning is crucial for the efficient functioning of Spooky2 Scalar. We hope that by understanding the tuning process, the factors influencing the ideal frequency, and addressing common questions, you can optimize the effectiveness of Spooky2 Scalar for your specific needs.

If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to discuss them in the comments section or join our Facebook group. We are always here to help you.

Besides, if you are new to Spooky2 Scalar and want to enjoy its magic, please click here.

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  1. Ruth Daby says:

    1. So, if I go too low on the dial (EMF range) I need to dial back up again. Correct? Or start from scratch?
    2. Assume I am set up over detrimental earth energy e.g., water crossings or Hartman and/or Curry lines, will those distortion carry over into the scalar field?

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