How to Set up and Tune Spooky2 Scalar

Just like a radio, Spooky Scalar requires tuning. It is very simple to do. There are three different methods. You can choose which one you find easiest. The first two methods are the most accurate.

Place the Tune PCB on the Transmitter “Tuning PCB Position”. Turn the Tuning Adjustment knob anticlockwise until the lights on the PCB start to turn on. Then turn the knob 2 click positions clockwise so the lights are off. Remove the Tune PCB after tuning.

7 thoughts on “How to Set up and Tune Spooky2 Scalar

  1. John says:

    Hello, does the LED light on the receiver button have to be on or should it turn off once the correct frequency is tuned? thank you

  2. HAN says:

    Dear John,
    The descriptions on how to tune the scalar lights (frequency) is one unholy mess ! I’ve had the scalar for about 3 years now and at each description that appears, I am more confused and uncertain now as to what I am bathed in – EMF or Scalar waves ?

    It really is unfortunate when when one talks about tuning anticlockwise i.e. down the the frequency range or getting the 2nd brightest light ??

    Using the Coil Tester the following pattern is observed STARTING at the lowest frequency :-
    At 1.3MHz – 1.6MHz The red light on the coil tester comes on, peaking at 1.45MHz
    Again between 2.7MHz – 6MHz the red light will come on again within this range, going out completely as the frequency is increased beyond 6MHZ. HOWEVER, there would appear to be a double spike of light energy at 3.8MHz and at 4.4MHz with a marked dip at 5MHz..

    So the question is, what is the tuning frequency here ????

  3. Anne-caroline schwob says:

    My pcb tuning device stay lighted when I take it off the dedigned place after the tuning. How can I get a new one ? Thanks

    1. Dear Anne-caroline schwob, PCB tuning device does not retail. If you want to buy a scalar digitizer you can contact our service lady and we will add a free PCB tuning device in your packet.

  4. Prashant Hesselink says:

    Hello John,

    Since some weeks I have my Spooky2-scalar device.
    Still I stay unsure about the tuning:

    I use your method 1 for tuning.

    At my found tuning-frequency of 5.5 MHz (with the 2 LED-s of tuning-device at the side of the transmittercoil just turned clockwise off again) the tuning light on my receiver is not lighting red at all (knob pushed in)!!

    Is this still the perfect frequency, or should the red receiver light better glow up a little bit??

    1. Yes, it is the perfect tuning. When it just lights up, turn about 2 clicks clockwise.

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