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Spooky2 Scalar: Molecular Scalar Feedback

What is Molecular Scalar?

Molecular Scalar is to place a substance on the receiver coil to further enhance the Scalar signal. The person in the scalar field will get the curative effect of the chemical without taking it orally.

Note: The substance can be essential oils, drugs or any nutritional supplements.

Many in the scalar group wonder if molecular scalars really work or if there are any reference experiences. The following is a collection of customer feedback about Molecular Scalar.

1. Molecular Scalar: Just like I had the oil directly on my skin.
“Molecular transmission via Spooky Scalar? I did the following test: I filled Japanese mint oil with a very high menthol content into a small glass vial and placed it on the receiver coil. Then I lay down in the scalar field and waited. To my greatest astonishment, after about 10 minutes I noticed the effect almost the same as if I had rubbed the oil directly on my skin. The cooling effect on my skin, but not the burning sensation was clearly felt. Well, I thought to myself, that can also be my imagination. So I repeated this test on three consecutive days. The same phenomenon every time, though not as strong as the first time. Maybe my body was already used to the oil. Perhaps one or the other Scalar user would like to take this test and report whether he or she has the same experience. In my opinion, it would be proof that real molecules are actually being transferred into the system.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/permalink/700612970512264/

2. Fascinating Experience Using Molecular Scalar

3. With Pure Gum Turpentine on Receiver coil, my nose has stopped dribbling about an hour later.
“I put a full bottle (1 litre) of unopened Diggers Pure Gum Turpentine on Scalar Receiver this morning. I was standing about 2 meters away directly behind the Receiver out of the primary scalar field when I smelt a pine smell. My sinus had been dribbling the last few days and this morning started running. After clearing the nose several times, I found that my nose has stopped dribbling about an hour later. Scalar transmitter and Receiver are placed about 5 meters apart.”

Source: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=117&t=11421

4. My clients respond to the substance on the receiver coil just like taking it orally.
“This transmission(Molecular Scalar) really works. I used it with other products (not only oils but also vitamins, natural food supplements, …) and the effect sometimes was Molecular Scalar. It is not our imagination. Of course, a positive attitude can help. But I also used it on my clients and they do not always know what is on the receiver, and even in those cases, they react on the transferred products in a way as if they were taken it orally.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/permalink/700612970512264/?comment_id=700760227164205

5. The cold had gone by putting copper on the receiver coil for a couple of hours.
“I just want to share my experience. I’ve done some research and learned that copper is great for fighting against viruses. I’m not claiming anything but sharing my experiences. I’ve felt like a cold sore or maybe even a sore throat that was about to happen to me. I put the pure copper onto the receiver side on my scalar device and sat in the middle. It cleared it up in a couple of hours. Give it a shot. Who knows what else it can clear.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/permalink/664201570820071/

6. Great Success With Spooky2 Scalar on My Little Pony And Hens!

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