Spooky2 Scalar Q&A

Spooky2 Scalar Molecular Scalar Q&A

Imprinting Information:

Q: What does it mean practically for the person when placing a substance on the receiver coil? What happens within the body?
A: We can add molecular information to the scalar field by placing a substance on the receiver coil. It will emulate the effect of the substance into your body. The person in the scalar field will receive this information.

Q: What would happen if I put an insecticide on the transmitter coil? Would my body absorb it too? Would the water have some insecticidal effect and be toxic?
A: If you put an insecticide on the receiver not transmitter, your body will absorb it. And the water does have the same effect too. Be careful if you want to test that.

Q: Is it possible to produce a negative impact on a body by placing a biologically harmful substance on the receiver coil?
A: We are not sure, but it is possible. Some people think that our body takes what it needs, but some people think otherwise. We recommend keeping the harmful substance away from the receiver coil.

Q: My mom has 7-8 pills a day. Can we put all of them on the receiver coil and imprint them into a single glass of water?
A: Absolutely. Group them together and try to get them within the small circle indicator of the receiver coil. If they extend beyond this circle, don’t worry. This is simply the ideal position. One research group places over 30 different oils and drugs on the coil and report great results.

Suitable Container:

Q: How would the Spooky2 Scalar only imprint the oil and not the chemical structure of the plastic cap?
A: Some researchers believe that plastic and paper will not affect results. However, we are not sure. To be safe, we recommend using glass containers without a plastic lid or paper label. You can place a marble on the top of the bottle instead of the plastic lid.

Q: In what kind of vessel can I combine biological fluids with cell-killing agents? A petri dish?
A: Petri dish, microscope slide, beaker are all good choices with flat bottoms. Something with a lid will make a liquid sample or EO last longer. EO dissipate quickly.

Q: What is the best way to label my essential oil and samples that I place in glass bottles and vials?
A: You can write on paper tape with an ink pen and place the tape on the top of the vials or write with ink directly on the glass bottles. But writing directly on the bottles is best. If you use paper tape, place on the top of the vials, so it is further from the coil.


Q: Is it right to mix the essential oil with saliva?
A: Saliva won’t mix with oils. Normally you don’t mix saliva with the chemical unless you are killing something.


Q: Is there a minimum amount of essential oil that one can place on the receiver coil that will provide useful effects?

A: For molecular scalar, you don’t need much. Just a small glass dish with even a few drops should work for you. You can find some glass stopper bottles and put a few millilitres in them, but you probably don’t need an ounce of anything. It’s your scalar, so do what you feel works.

9 thoughts on “Spooky2 Scalar Molecular Scalar Q&A

  1. Lynne Pitcher says:

    Please, how long do you need to be in the scalar wave in order for medication to be absorbed/of use. EG I f I need antibiotic 3 times per day, how ling do I sit each time. Can I use the same dose over again? The same drops of oil or whatever ?

  2. Karen Crowley-Susani says:

    Hi, which is the most effective treatment against athletic foot? Because I tried the frequencies with the generator and it didn’t work at all.
    Thank you

  3. Andrei says:

    What about small glass jars with metal lids?

    1. Hi, Andrei. Remove the metal lids.

  4. Dean Mindock says:

    Use corks to replace plastic lids. A clear glass marble will work too but will be subject to spills. I bought a bunch of small 5ml glass jars with corks on Amazon for not not much money.

  5. tommy gunn says:

    We have miniature vile’s that have tiny CORK tops or stoppers!
    My question is: Are the small CORK tops safe to use to seal the vile?

    Thank You!

    1. Dear tommy gunn, Yes, you can use the small CORK tops and you can also place a marble on the top of the bottle.

  6. louis pellini says:

    il est possible de placer du serum de quinton autrement dit de l eau de mer sur le recepteur scalaire

    1. Cher louis pellini, oui, vous le pouvez.

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