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Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation with St Nicholas’ Home, Penang

St Nicholas’ Home, Penang is a non-profit charitable organization that aims to respond to the evolving needs of the Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) community in Malaysia, irrespective of their religion, race, and background.

It was established in 1926 in Melaka and moved to Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang in 1938. St Nicholas’ Home became a school for the blind in the 1950s and was transitioned into a training center in 1997. Since then, they have offered various services for the visually impaired and people with many other disabilities.

St Nicholas’ Home seeks to provide the best training for BVIs, equipping them with living skills and helping them find employment so they can live independently afterward. They have programs tailored for different levels of vision loss, including making baskets with rattans, baking bread and pastries, Information and Communication Technology, Skill Development Course, massage, and Braille courses. These courses are taught by experienced trainers/teachers on a six-acre land with the best-in-class accommodation and amenities. In addition, they also seek to serve BVI children by providing Taska classes and BVI senior citizens with a home.

Amidst the pandemic, the costs of daily operating expenses have gradually taken their toll on St Nicholas’ Home. To continue operating at an optimal level, they humbly request financial support from generous supporters, in hopes of helping the BVIs despite this difficult time.

When we found St Nicholas’ Home, we donated $500 on behalf of the Spooky2 community. And now, we are inviting you to join us in making a difference.

They might not be able to see, but they will definitely feel your love, support, and kindness through it all.

If you are familiar with a non-profit charity organization or someone you know who needs financial help, you can always send a request via the following link:


We are always here to help you.

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