Why do I have to use square wave? Will I damage my machine if I use different waves or settings?

Using the ‘wrong’ wave pattern does not harm the apparatus, but maybe less effective.

*Sinus* waves are ‘pure’ (having exactly 1 frequency). With those waves, you can hit exactly what you want with the least risk of hitting something else. *Square* waves (as well as triangle and sawtooth waves) contain also a lot of overtones (x2, x4, x8, x16, etc).

Most Spooky2 programs have frequencies that are of a lower ‘octave’ than what is required exactly. Square waves (and the other two) then work much better compared to sinus. Only if you have the right exact frequencies the sinus is somewhat preferable.

H-bomb wave patterns and decreasing wave patterns are variations of sinus and square where – besides the frequency – also the volume has a pattern.

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