What do others run on scalar/GX for just general health, feeling better, less pain or maybe something for your chakra?

1. I either just sit or sleep in the field for general healing (helps my immune system) or I put essential oils on the Receiver coil and sit or sleep in the field. I choose the oils for the condition that I’m trying to help. When in the field with a substance on the Receiver coil, the body receives the benefits from the substance. Sometimes I also imprint water with a substance. Many people put their medicines/pills on the coil to receive the benefit from the drug.

2. Just sleep in the scalar field by itself. I noticed it helped me get into a deeper sleep. If you’re using the GX, look up healing 3 or the Schuman (sp) frequencies.

3. I run Songs of the Spine and other chakra programs with GX stand alone and the scalar. You can choose any program with the Scalar shell- detox, DH balancing programs, etc. I’ve put specific killing essential oils on the coil, but you could also run the frequencies through GX.

4. Here is a list of substances I have been using to imprint into water and use in the scalar at the same time:
– Blackmores Vitamin Bio-C (sugarless) 1000mg
– Blackmores Glucosmine Sulphate 1500
– Blackmores GinkgoForte
– Blackmores vitamin A 5000
– Blackmores Bilberry eye support
– Blackmores Biozinc
– Blackmores Mega B Max Complex
– Blackmores vitamin D3 1000IU
– Blackmores Joint Formula
– Blackmores Immune Recovery
– Blackmores vitamin E 250IU
C0EnzymeQ10 (CoQ10)
Magnesium oil
Iron tablets for anemia
Lugols Iodine 5% solution
Bioglan Brain and Memory health
Natures Way Osteo K (calcium, K2-M7 & Vit D) Vit. K2-M7 (Menaquinone)Helps in abzorbing calcium deposits in veins and arteries back into your bones.
Frankincense oil (must be type that you can consume) Best quality comes from Oman. I still have about 500ml and
can send you a 10ml bottle if you would like some.
Ezorb Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous. Great for getting rid of bone spurs. Helps in reabzorbing calcium deposits in veins and arteries back into your bones.
Myrh – Oil Garden
Diggers Pure Gum Turpentine (1 litre), available from Bunnings paint section.


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