Spooky2 Scalar Q&A

Q&A: Where to place substances when doing scalar treatment?

With scalar treatment, you can use substances to get the benefits of that substance and you can put essential oils on the receiver coil and sit between the 2 units to receive the benefits of the substance you place on the receiver oil.

The receiver coil is the input coil if you want to input something. It sounds funny but the transmitter doesn’t actually transmit the scalar field, it’s actually the receiver which transmits the scalar field and so by putting the substance on the receiver coil the information at that point, they’ll be inserted into the scalar field and so we call the receiver coil the input coil and the transmitter coil is the output coil.

Q: There are also cases that people want to imprint frequencies into the water in this case where to put water?

A: If you want to put frequencies into water then you place the water on the transmitter coil. It is a little gray circle on the coil and that’s where you place the water.

Q: Can people directly put water in between the 2 boxes? I mean in the scalar field so the water will enjoy the scalar field healing and you drink it?
A: Yes. Some people said you can but we don’t have any or much experience with that we do recommend you place on the coil some people say you can put the water on the scalar field but we haven’t had any experimental results to clarify.

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