How to Apply Molecular Scalar Using Essential Oil

Molecular Scalar

In this video, we will show you how to apply molecular scalar using essential oil.

Firstly, we need to set up Spooky2 Scalar devices. Connect the 12V Power Adapter to the Transmitter Power Port. Then plug the Link Cable into the Transmitter and Receiver Link Connectors.

Secondly, we need to place the essential oil on the receiver plate. If you want to send the effects of essential oil, supplement or drugs, etc., in your body or into something else, place the substance on the receiver coil.

Open the essential oil bottle, the glass container is recommended for the substances. The small grey circle on the coil is the best place for the substances. So we put essential oil on the small grey circle.

Then we can turn on Spooky2 Scalar. Turn the tuning adjustment knob anticlockwise until the tuning light beside the output coil is at maximum brightness. We can sit between the transmitter and receiver while scalar is running.

10 thoughts on “How to Apply Molecular Scalar Using Essential Oil

  1. Mauricio Vargas says:

    Is it possible with this device to digitize the signal of a homeopathic medicine, essential oil or any other, and convert it into a file to save on our computer? Thank’s

    1. Sorry to tell you that the answer is no. But we will keep working hard on it. 🙂

  2. Mario Mildenberger says:

    can i use powder unstead of oil? for example i have vitamin c powder? when i use for example each day 3 drops of vitamin d3, can i put the full bottle of vitamin d3 or i have to put the 3 drops?

    1. Dear Mario Mildenberger, yes, you can use powder instead of oil. You can put the full bottle of vitamin d3 on the receiver coil.

      1. Mario Mildenberger says:

        many thanks for answer. Last question,
        1. the VitqminC powder have to be in a closed glass or open glass?
        2. What Dosis of Vitamin D3 will used from scalar when i put the full bottle? i am little cofused.

        Many thanks for your answer.

        1. Dear Mario Mildenberger, I would recommend that you put the Vitamin C powder in a closed glass. And add molecular information to the scalar field by placing Vitamin D3 on the receiver coil. It will emulate the effect of Vitamin D3 into your body. Your body will receive according to your body’s own needs.

  3. Luis Ferreira says:

    How can I determine the amount of Hemp oil required per sitting, for example, I have a 30ml bottle of Hemp oil and I need to take one full dropper in the morning and an other full dropper in the evening, how can I measure the exposed time in the Scalar field versus one dropper of Hemp oil.

    1. Hi, Luis. You will receive the benefits until the drops on the receiver are volatilized. So you can try once and according to its time determined next time.

  4. theo says:

    After using essential oils or other compounds with Scalar, do they lose their properties / efficiency? Can the oils be used again?

    1. Hi, theo. After using essential oils or other compounds with Scalar, they won’t lose their properties/efficiency. The oils can be used again. Scalar just transmits the information.

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