How to Apply 8 Hz to Scalar Field?

Step 1
Load the program Healing 3 into GeneratorX.
Step 2
Set up Spooky2 Scalar devices.
Step 3
Connect GeneratorX to Spooky2 Scalar. Tune Spooky2 Scalar.
Step 4
Start the Healing 3 program in GeneratorX. One cycle of the program is 3min. Loop the program if you need more treatment time.
Step 5
Sit between the Transmitter and Receiver while the programs are running.

4 thoughts on “How to Apply 8 Hz to Scalar Field?

  1. Carolyn Pierce says:

    How long should a person sit with S Scalar for immune building? Does it shut off on its own, or is it manual shut off. I am considering buying one, but I am still investigating the equipment.

    1. Hi, Carolyn. Spooky2 Scalar is perfect at healing and is no maximum using time. It doesn’t shut off on its own, you can shut it off manual anytime you want to.

  2. Marian says:

    Is it still 8hz frequency if you tune the Scalar?. My scalar with with this setup is at 5.20 mhz or must I put it to 8 on Scalar?

    1. It is still 8hz frequency if you tune the Scalar. You should tune the scalar first and run GeneratorX.

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