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Essential Tremor Relief with Spooky2 Scalar

Have you ever had your hands shake constantly and uncontrollably? If you do, then you may have an essential tremor. What is an essential tremor? Keep reading, and learn more about this illness and its therapies.

What Is Essential Tremor?

Essential tremor is a neurological condition that results in involuntary and frequent shaking. Although it is not fatal, its symptoms would worsen over time and pose a greater risk to your physical health. The illness affects every organ in the body and frequently manifests in your hands, especially when you carry out regular activities like picking up a glass of water. Studies have revealed that the cerebellum, a region responsible for controlling movement, mildly degenerates along with this disease. Anyone at any age can experience it, but most patients are over 40.

Causes & Symptoms

Many reasons can cause this disease, including:

Genetics – According to statistics, about 50% of tremors are caused by a genetic risk factor. Children may have a higher risk of inheriting this condition if their parents have it.
Age – Although an essential tremor can develop at any age, it most frequently affects adults between 40s and 50s.
Emotion – High levels of stress, fever, physical tiredness, and low blood sugar can all produce tremors. Also, anxiety is the most common trigger.

If the tremor gets worse, you may be unable to:
  • Shake your hands or arms
  • Pick up the glass
  • Put on makeup or shave
  • Write neatly
  • Diagnosis & Treatment

    Doctors often diagnose this disease by observing the typical tremor pattern with the known cause.

    Although there is no cure for essential tremors, treatments are available to ease symptoms. The most common choices are beta blockers like propranolol.

    If you want to reduce your symptoms, remember to limit caffeine intake, avoid too much mental burden, and have adequate good-quality sleep.

    Essential Tremor VS. Parkinson’s: Different Diseases

    Because of the similarity of symptoms, many people confuse essential tremor with Parkinson’s disease. However, they are distinguishable in the following ways.

    Essential tremor often happens when people use their hands. In Parkinson’s disease, tremors are noticeable when the hands are at the side of the body on the knees. Also, it has other neurological signs and symptoms, such as unsteady gait. Parkinson’s disease often affects the legs, jaw, and other body parts.

    How to Relieve Essential Tremor with Spooky2 Scalar 

    Spooky2 Scalar creates perfect scalar fields in your room and helps your family strengthen your immunity. There are 3 different methods of transmitting healing scalar waves: pure scalar, molecular scalar, and Rife scalar. You can choose which mode suits you best according to your needs, such as pure scalar to adjust neural signal transmission or Rife scalar to repair your DNA.

    Spooky2 Scalar employs an all-natural treatment without side effects, so you have nothing to worry about. We recommend you use pure scalar because it is the most convenient way to help you relieve Essential Tremor. After tuning Spooky2 Scalar, all you have to do is sit or lay between the transmitter and receiver. Pure scalar energy can then flow through your body and control your shaking.

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    Essential tremors may not be a severe issue but may make your life difficult. Controlling its symptoms can significantly improve the quality of your life. If an essential tremor is bothering you, try Spooky2 Scalar and experience its magical benefits for yourself.

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