Spooky2 Scalar Testimonials

Case Study: Success in Pain Relief and Better Sleep Using Spooky2 Scalar

Here is a real testimonial shared from one Spooky2 Scalar user. This user had trouble with muscle weakness in his legs for several years before he used Scalar. Within just one month, his sleep quality has greatly improved and body pain got relieved as well. In addition, increased body energy and strength enable him to stand up from a sitting or lying position without the help of his hands. It is really an amazing result for him.

The Setup of Spooky2 Scalar:
Machine: Spooky2 Scalar

Set the transmitter and receiver on opposite sides of the bed, facing each other. Link cable went around the bed.

Day 1 (18/11/21):
While lying in the middle of the scalar field for the first time, he felt very sleepy but did not fall asleep quickly. In contrast, his partner fell asleep within just a few minutes and slept longer than usual.

Day 9 (26/11/21):
He could sleep for 9 hours without waking up in the middle of the night which has not happened for years since cortisol. The pain in his left leg, hip, lower back was improving as well.

Day 15 (1/12/21):
A mole on his right arm for years was suddenly gone. It was a solid mass part of the skin, unexpectedly that it had just fallen off.

Day 19 (5/12/21):
He had much strength in muscles, not just more energy, which allowed him to sit, stand up, or lie down without needing his hands to support himself.

Day 37 (23/12/21):
His overall health was still improving, which gave him the courage to reduce several medications. That was not possible before Scalar therapy.

Every time he stays in the scalar field, he feels comfortable, like being wrapped up in a blanket. Spooky2 Scalar energy brings him an unexpected valuable result and improves his overall wellness. His physiotherapist was also amazed at his sudden improvement in body health.

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