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8 Natural Ways To Improve Your Kidneys

Every thirty minutes, our kidneys filter all of the blood in your body, removing toxins from the blood, excreting them in urine, and preventing damage to all of your organs. They also produce hormones and absorb minerals. Additionally, your kidneys regulate the alkaline/acid balance in your body, preventing you from being acidic.

You may not notice the damage or the steady decline of your kidneys for years as your kidneys can still do their job with as little as 20% of their capacity. Hence, to prevent many kidney issues from occurring unexpectedly, it is very important to take care of them before it is too late.

Here are 8 common natural ways that can help reduce pressure on your kidneys and prevent causing serious damage over time.

1. Sufficient Intake of Water
Drinking enough water can help your kidneys function properly. Lack of water in the body may lead to significant kidney damage, and the blood flow to the kidneys will be reduced. In this way, the ability of kidneys to eliminate toxins from the body will be impeded, and as toxins accumulate in the body, the number of diseases and health issues will increase.

2. Reducing Salt In Your Diet
The regular use of high amounts of salt may raise blood pressure and put a lot of stress on the kidneys. Your kidneys need to work much harder to metabolize and excrete it, and their function is reduced, and the body retains water. And water retention may increase blood pressure and the risk of kidney disease. No more than 5.8 grams of salt should be eaten daily.

3. Stop delay the urge to urinate
Timely urination can reduce the pressure of the kidneys. If the urine stays in the bladder for a longer time, it will increase the multiplication of bacteria in the urine. These harmful bacteria cause urinary tract and kidney infections. Hence, remember that you should never postpone your urge to urinate.

4. Avoid too much sugar
According to some scientific studies, people who consume 2 or more sugary drinks daily are more prone to have protein in their urine, and having protein in your urine is an early sign that your kidneys are not doing their job properly.

5. Ensure adequate sleep
The body will repair the damaged kidney tissues when you’re sleeping, in the case of sleep deficiency, these processes will be stopped, leading to damage of kidney. The insufficient sleep leads to increased clogging of the arteries and high blood pressure, which elevated the chances for the development of kidney diseases.

6. Don’t drink too much alcohol
Alcohol can lead to stress on the kidneys and liver, and its excessive amounts lead to damage of the kidneys. Drinking too much alcohol can make the uric acid be stored in the renal tubules, leading to the tubular obstruction which elevates the risk of kidney failure. What’s more, alcohol dehydrates the body and thus destroys the normal function of the kidneys.

7. Don’t take excessive amounts of caffeine
Too much caffeine increases the blood pressure, and applies pressure to the kidneys, leading to kidney damage. According to a study, the consumption of caffeine is directly linked to kidney stones, as caffeine increases the excretion of calcium in the urine.

8. Scalar energy
Scalar energy can improve the blood flow to the kidneys and bring greater circulation. Good circulation can deliver vital nutrients to the cells and improve the removal of toxins from the blood. Scalar energy can also increase the permeability of cell walls, which also supports the cells intake vital nutrients. The enhanced permeability of the cells can help facilitate the elimination of toxins from the cells.

To maintain your physical health and reduce your kidney issues, it is important to eat lots of fresh, whole foods that are full of fruits and vegetable. And if you keep the above information in mind and do these things as much as you can, your kidneys will not have to undergo constant stress and it is beneficial to your general health.

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