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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing has surged in popularity these days because of rising health anxiety and conspiracy theories in the media. People start to seek inner peace and better living without any medical intervention. Despite it being part of the wellness revolution, the history of energy healing can trace back to ancient times.

What is energy healing?

Since ancient times, philosophers have acknowledged the concept of the human energy field. Together, there are five layers within our energy field. These layers form our mental, physical, spiritual, etheric, and emotional characteristics.

Just like everything else in the world, the energy field can stay in balance or become imbalanced which affects your health as a result. Emotional and mental stress, false beliefs, physical distress and trauma are examples of energy blockage in our body energy field. They impact our ability to function at our full potential negatively.

What are the benefits of energy healing?

Energy healing is the original form of medicine. There are different forms of energy healing therapies that can benefit us on both physical and emotional levels. It clears blocks that are hiding in our energy fields. It also repairs and rebalances our energy so that our body can get boosted to its optimal level and regain its ability to heal. Energy healing can also help identify issues before they manifest as pain or diseases in our body. It opens our consciousness to the areas we need to heal and bring health, harmony, and vitality to our energy field.

According to medical records and results, there are over forty types of common side effects that can be caused by conventional treatment. Examples of side effects include damage to blood-forming cells and vital organs, loss of appetite, swelling, bruising, and fatigue.

However, energy healing can increase our general well-being without causing side effects. And unlike conventional treatments, we will also have a better understanding of our body, make decisions by ourselves, and take a more decisive role in our healing journey. It also allows us to have a positive and hopeful outlook for the future.

Different types of energy healing

Reiki is a type of healing method which focuses on relaxation and stress reduction. It is originated in Japan, and the name is made of two Japanese words: Rei is “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki is “life force energy”. It is a natural and simple healing and self-improving tool that everyone can practice. By laying on hands, reiki treatment provides glowing radiance that flows around and through you. It benefits you from different aspects such as body, emotions, mind and spirit. Many people shared their reiki experience as “a wonderful relaxation”, “feelings of peace, security and well-being”.

Crystal Healing
Crystal healing is a holistic, natural alternative therapy that uses gemstones to balance your energy field. It can be used with traditional medicines to heal people and has zero side effects. They act like tuning forks that help to bring harmony and stable power to your unbalanced energy field. The main principles of crystal healing are to indulge in the self-reflecting experience, focus on mindfulness and acceptance, and remove negative energy for our body and mind. It is all about enjoying deep relaxation during healing sessions. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Qigong, or chi kung, is a traditional Chinese health exercise that combines movement, breathing, and meditation. For thousands of years, Qigong masters practised and refined Qigong exercise and teach people to strengthen muscles, clear the mind, and unlock their potential. Qigong has many health benefits and is very easy to practice. You can do it at any time or place. Take a few minutes every day to do some Qigong breathing and movement exercise. You may not notice any day-to-day difference. However, persistent practice will definitely reward you with amazing improvements in your health.

Quantum Medicine
Quantum medicine is a relatively young field compared to theories of quantum physics which have been around for centuries. Physicists have established intriguing concepts such as wave-particle duality and wave functions that inspired many people to apply these theories to medical practice. It measures a patient’s magnetic field to diagnose diseases and employs energy to heal damage or kill pathogens. Quantum medicine uses vibrations and homoeopathy and is non-invasive. It avoids the side effects of drugs and annoying tests of modern medicine.

It is more accurate in diagnosing. Unlike modern medicine that focuses more on relieving symptoms, quantum medicine focuses on holistic recovery and strikes at the core of a problem, dealing with the cause of a disease.

There are various types of energy healing out there for you to learn and practice. Each has its own benefits and healing effect. Read and study to find out what suits you the best.

2 thoughts on “What is Energy Healing?

  1. Patricia Hope says:

    Other types of energy healing include
    1. EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom techniques) where we tap on certain meridian endpoints on the face, hand, and upper body while thinking about a memory, an emotional issue, or a physical pain. We acknowledge the existence of the negative issue while affirming that we are OK anyway and at the same time tapping on the different points. This clears the blocked energy and thus facilitates healing.

    Kinesiology like Eden Energy Medicine where we move the energy around the meridians and circuits using our hands or other body actions on our own body or the body of someone else.

    1. Hi Patricia. Thanks for your comment. We will complete the article as soon as possible 🙂

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