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The Benefits of Scalar Energy Pendants and How to Make Them

People believe that the human body is made of energy. When the body’s energy pathways are blocked, it can lead to various ailments. A significant factor that disrupts the body’s energy flow is electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices such as cell phones, microwaves, computers, and televisions. However, we are inevitably exposed to these devices daily. How can we reduce their impact on our health? One possible solution is to wear a scalar energy pendant.

The Benefits of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy, a form of healing energy, can remove blockages and promote positive energy flow to maintain the body’s energy balance. It can restore energy weakened by daily exposure to negative energies (such as radiation from cell phones, televisions, computers, X-rays, microwaves, and other devices). When radiation from these devices harms you, scalar energy acts like a protective shield around your body, shielding you from electromagnetic field radiation and protecting your health.

In addition to screening you from EMF interference, scalar energy can recharge your mitochondria (responsible for cellular respiration and energy production), increasing your cellular and overall body energy levels. That allows your cells to function normally, increases blood flow to the cells, improves the cells’ ability to absorb nutrients, and strengthens the immune and endocrine systems, all of which are critical to your health.

If you are new to Scalar, you can find more benefits of scalar energy here.

The Advantages of Scalar Energy Pendants


First, many pendants are made from unique mineral-based lava that can absorb heat and convert it into bio-energy. Bio-energy, known as qi in Chinese and prana in Indian cultures, can enhance the body’s metabolic functions and improve the circulatory system.

Second, scalar energy pendants can emit negative ions that counteract the positive ions produced by electrical devices, thereby shielding you from EMF radiation. Scalar energy has several remarkable properties. Wearing a scalar energy pendant allows you to benefit from scalar energy, resulting in various effects, such as

Strengthening the body’s bio-energy field

Defending against harmful electromagnetic waves

Restoring balance and harmony to the body and bio-energy field

Improving circulation

Protecting DNA from damage

Increasing stamina, endurance, strength, and energy levels

Strengthening the immune and endocrine systems

Enhancing cellular nutrition and detoxification

Improving cellular permeability

Reducing inflammation

Promoting a calmer mind and sharper focus

Alleviating aches, pains, and soreness

How to Make Scalar Energy Pendants

Creating a scalar energy pendant is similar to imprinting water. Simply place the pendant on a transmitter box to absorb scalar energy. The detailed steps are as follows:

Hardware Preparation: Spooky2 Scalar/Spooky2 Scalar GX Pro Essential Kit

Hardware Setup

  • Place your pendant on the transmitter coil. Pendants can be natural materials like gemstones, minerals, crystals, jade, gold, silver, copper, and iron.
  • Turn on Spooky2 Scalar.
  • Tune Spooky2 Scalar. Turn the tuning adjustment knob anticlockwise until the tuning light beside the transmitter coil is at maximum brightness.

It takes at least three hours to create a scalar energy pendant. You may wish to remain in the energy field during the process to absorb the healing benefits of the scalar energy.

In addition to imprinting scalar energy, you can use Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro to imprint any frequency into the pendant, like imprinting frequencies into water. You can learn how to do by watching the video below.

In summary, by wearing a scalar energy pendant, you can reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation and experience the added benefits of scalar healing energy. You can also use Spooky2 Scalar directly to increase your energy levels and promote overall well-being. If you are interested in scalar energy, purchase Spooky2 Scalar now and begin your journey to better health.

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  1. Kim says:

    Just so you know, those pendants looks satanic

  2. TK says:

    So where would we get these energy pendants from?
    And imprinting is 3hrs yes? How long will the scaler energy hold for in the pendant after imprinted?

  3. Ed says:


    Where could I purchase the pendant in the picture?



    1. Lynne Pitcher says:

      What materials would be most conducive to a scalar pendant? Any metal object?

  4. John Shemwell says:

    Is thé charge considered to bé permanent? And if not.How often should you recharge a pendant or cristal…?

  5. Gary says:

    The article says in one place: “place the pendant on a receiver box.” Then below it: “Place your pendant on the transmitter coil.” Which is it? Usually for imprinting the latter would be correct.

    1. Hi,Gary.We are sorry. This is a writing error made by our editor. The correct way should be to place the pendant on the transmitter coil. Thank you very much for your findings and comments.

  6. Virginia Oshea says:

    How long will the pendant hold the scalar benefits?

  7. Christy Kriney says:

    I am wondering if you could charge any piece of jewelry with the scalar field. For example, a wedding band. Thank you for the input!

    1. Hi,Christy.Yes, wedding band is also acceptable

  8. Henri says:


    There is a mistake in your text : “Creating a scalar energy pendant is similar to imprinting water. Simply place the pendant on a receiver box to absorb scalar energy.”

    It is not the receiver coil but the TRANSMITTER coil. Hope you can correct.


    H. P.

    1. Hi,Henri.Thank you very much for pointing out the problem. We are sorry. This is a writing error made by our editor. We have corrected it to TRANSMITTER COIL.
      Thank you for your kind reminder.

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