Spooky2 Scalar Hot Topics

We are delighted to tell you that John has discussed the hot topics about Spooky2 Scalar in SAMA Episode 139.

In this episode of SAMA, John compiled a list of hot topics users have recently discussed. If you are new to Scalar and feel difficult to use it, welcome to watch this episode and you will have a better understanding of Scalar.

During this episode, John talked about:
1. Spooky2 Scalar tuning.
2. When to turn on or turn off the receiver tuning light.
3. Are you supposed to feel anything when you are in the scalar field?
4. What is the ideal distance for Spooky2 Scalar?

Learn more details from the following video:

2 thoughts on “Spooky2 Scalar Hot Topics

  1. michael says:

    so how does the scaler machine differ from the plasma to kill off all maligant cells, pathogens candida, yeast..etc..

    1. Hi, michael. Scalar machine can kill the pathogens by boost your immune system. You can also put drugs on the receiver coil of Spooky2 Scalar and your body will receive the benefits without taking the drugs. Or apply frequencies to the scalar field by connecting Scalar and GX. You can learn more about the differences between Scalar and Plasma from here:

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