Spooky2 GX Pro Firmware Update Instruction

Spooky2 is being continually refined for the betterment of mankind.

Note: GX Pro Firmware update needs to use the latest Spooky2 software. Please make sure your Spooky2 software is the newest version.

You may have seen a message like this in the Error tab of Spooky2:

Firmware is like the brain of your GX Pro. Upgrading the firmware can fix bugs and add new features.

Upgrade your firmware in 7easy steps. By following each step, your GX Pro will be upgraded to the latest and greatest firmware. Make a note of the port numbers on a piece of paper. You will need these later.

1. Turn all connected GX Pro generators off. Do this by pressing the Power button for 2 seconds.

2. Put all connected GX Pro generators into programming mode by holding down the Stop button, and then pressing the Power button.

The screen will show GX Pro is now in programming mode.

3. If you have Spooky2 software version 20240115 or later, select “Utils / Update GX Pro Firmware” from the top menu. All generators will be halted, and the Spooky2 software will immediately quit. 

The firmware update program will automatically start.

Note: Please confirm the Spooky2 Software has been quit. Otherwise, GX Pro will not be available for firmware updating.

4. Choose the GX Pro port number. By default, the first available GX Pro Port will automatically be selected.

5. Press the Open Port button. Each GX has two ports. Only one port can be used to upgrade the firmware. If you select the wrong port, the next available port will be automatically selected. In this example, port 73 was not available, and port 74 is now automatically selected.

6. Press the Run button.

The information box will show the firmware update progress. After approximately 15 seconds, the update will be complete. 

The GX Pro display will show “OK!”. You can now press the Start button to exit. It is best to restart the generator after updating the firmware.

7. You have successfully updated the firmware. You can repeat steps 4 – 6 for all connected GX Pro generators.

When you restart Spooky2 software, any remaining generators with the old firmware will be reported in the Errors tab.

Note for advanced users:

The firmware update program is called GX_Pro_Firmware_v7789.exe. It can be found in the Spooky2 installation directory. This program can be run directly from the command line.

If the Spooky2 software is also running, the connected port will not be available for firmware updating.

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