Would there by any benefit to putting a gallon of honey that we use throughout the months to be infused with scalar waves?

When you structure something, the effect spreads, so it doesn’t all have to be on the coil. Just getting part of the honey in contact with the coil will be sufficient.

In fact if you had structured water, and added an ounce to a gallon of unstructured water, the whole gallon would become structured.

Honey however is probably already quite structured to start with. You can certainly give it a shot and compare your experience. I don’t know a simple method to measure changes to the honey that could give you more concrete verification what attempting to structure it will do.

For instance, here is my attempt to structure water on the coil, that was already structured using the opposing vortices method.

You will note that the water shows no additional change.

For more details, please check this link:

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