What kind of reactions can be expected using Spooky2 Scalar?

1. It depends on patient sensibility and which pathogens you are killing, eliminating detox is a current reaction. Sometimes herx reaction that can be healed by herxheimer frequency. But this happens only on Scalar connected to generator with frequencies. In pure scalar, a light headache may something occur at the beginning but no more reactions.

2. If you get a herx, turn off the Scalar so the body can remove the dead pathogens and then restart the Scalar. If you find you are coughing a lot due to pathogens in the lungs, you may want to drink a little raw apple cider vinegar diluted in water to help clear these pathogens out of the throat. Do what you need to help the body clear the dead pathogens and then get back into the Scalar field.

3. I feel mentally get much more lined in the chakras. Less stressed, my nails and hair are growing really fast. I sleep the deepest sleep and all my ache’s and pains in my bones have gone. Having alternated a week at a time with my mum done 3 weeks, my aches went away within 2 days first couple of nites I sweated and woke up a bit but fully settled in now.

For more details, please check the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/permalink/472469216659975/

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