If anyone could please advice on treating my son’s autoimmune disease – Neuromyelitis Optica(he went blind due to the disease)?

I had many of the same issues over 20 yrs ago and it starts in the gut. The antibiotics destroyed my gut. Raw foods and good oils like extra virgin olive oil helped a lot. The good oils are important. The foods to avoid are also very important and they include all grains, pasteurized or refined sugars, bad oils, and burned proteins. Artificial sweeteners, corn & soy products are also bad. 100% of all medicines are chemical toxins in the body including synthetic vitamins. I did this before Spooky2 existed.

I used to fight pathogens including the EBV (herpes), Lyme, etc and as I got rid of one pathogen, new pathogens showed up and even the pathogens I thought I got rid of using Rife. Detoxing the body of chemicals, heavy metals, and all forms of stress are what takes away the environment for the pathogens to survive. And once you clean up the diet of sodas, cake, ice cream, etc,

I found the Spooky2 Scalar takes things to a new level. The energy from the Scalar is a whole body energy device that strengthens the body against pathogens. You can’t avoid the pathogens because the water, air, and food are loaded, but you can make the body stronger to make the environment hostile to these invaders. Besides cleaning up the diet, you’ve got to lessen the stress load where emotional stress seems to be the hardest to fix and hardest on the body. Using the Spooky2 Scalar adds energy to the body to take the body to an elevated level to speed up healing plus it can be used by the whole family.

For the brain, he needs more good oils to make the cholesterol needed. These good oils are your extra virgin olive oil, red palm, cold pressed coconut, cod liver oil, avocado, unpasteurized butter and cheese, unpasteurized yoghurt, unpasteurized milk, eggs, etc The brain is mostly made of cholesterol and toxins and foreign proteins build up in the brain if your son isn’t getting deep sleep for the lymph to clean up the waste. Also, work with your son to lessen emotional stress because this is common cause for the problems you describe because we’ve all been injected with vaccines containing these GMO pathogens.

As for the eyes, ignore the Drs saying it doesn’t regenerate. I was told about so many issues that would not regenerate and my body regenerated all that the medical community didn’t destroy. Spirochetes in Lyme eat up nerve and the body can mostly repair these once the diet is improved. More vitamin A with good oil is required. But emotional stress will delay the healing. My eyes were damaged pretty bad over 20 yrs ago and almost totally repaired themselves. I was told cartilage in my hip and knees would never regenerate and it did after I got off my baby aspirin and statins.

I spent yrs waiting on improvements and with the Scalar, I think changing his diet with the Scalar he will see improvements much faster. Also, the best nutrients come from real food and not supplement extracts that are missing many key ingredients.

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