I have added fingernails on the transmitter port. Can I have it even when not sitting in the scalar field?

Current theory shows that only the magnetic scalar carries biological information. Electric scalar does not. With that in mind, the remote creates plenty of magnetic scalar within the confines of the remote for DNA to be in this portion of energy.

When you put DNA close to a plasma bulb, you need to have the DNA close to the bulb to also be in the magnetic scalar field to work. Doesn’t work if you have the DNA too far away. Placing DNA between the two boxes leaves it in electric scalar only and is a waste of time. If you wish to convey information via DNA put it on the transmitter coil on the circle marked area where the magnetic scalar energies are strongest.

However, this is also a waste of time if you have no biological information in the field, which requires you have placed something on the receiver coil. Modulating the scalar carrier frequency with frequencies from a generator, will be conveyed if the DNA is on the transmitter coil. However, the whole community has this wrong. 500 Hz modulator does not convey 500 Hz. Instead, it conveys a frequency spread +- 500 Hz from your tuning frequency. If you wish to send frequencies to yourself remotely, use the generator and remote. Scalar energy is not transmitted via DNA — only information. Also, scalar energy doesn’t create quantum entanglement. That is already an inherent property of your DNA in the fingernail.

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2 thoughts on “I have added fingernails on the transmitter port. Can I have it even when not sitting in the scalar field?

  1. dunadakefarm says:

    John has said several times that quantum entanglement occurs between 2 or more people sharing the scalar field, are you saying that in your opinion this is wrong? please explain your reason for this belief thanks

  2. Marian Lydon says:

    Can someone with real knowledge please provide answers as I suspected for some time now that the information being circulated is incorrect. From what I gather the DNA (for eg: nail) gets put onto the small area of the Transmitter coil and then any treatment (for eg: frankincense) would go on the Receiver coil.

    Also, is it possible to fact check the statement “scalar energy doesn’t create quantum entanglement” – my understanding to date is that scalar energy IS quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is what happens when scalar energy meets your DNA.

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