Considering that two coils can emulate the Scalar space between them, can I use two quad coils from MiraMate to obtain scalar field and how?

  1. Yeah, a scalar field is easy you can place as many coils as you want any direction and connect everything to positive no need to connect negative I use tens pads and stick negative to my wall.
  2. First, you need a DC Power supply and a compass.
    Then you connect the coils to the DC current supply that can deliver a relatively high current. (How much depends on the inductance of the coils that I do not know so I can not give a definite advice. But maybe around 1 Ampere.)
    Parallel you should measure the current with an amperemeter (Multimeter) so that it does not become too high.
    Otherwise, this test may destroy your coils.
    Then you use the compass to find the North and the South pole.
    (Touch the coils if they become warm, do not do it a long time if they become warm.)
    Then you place these coils so that “North faces North” or “South faces South”, against each other. In between is the Zero point or Scalar field.
    DC == direct current == no frequency.

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