Can we put water to be structured on the transmitter coil after Spooky2 Scalar has already been tuned? Or does it have to be tuned while the water is on there?

If you are just doing a structuring, you can place it on after it is tuned. It will be done in 3 minutes and does not require more time that this (no additional changes to the water will be measurable).

If the water is in normal serving sizes (16 oz) or so, no need to retune, but the effect will be stronger if you do.

If you are trying to imprint a very large amount of water (1 gallon or so), it may behoove you to retune while the water is on the coil.

Here is a set of measurements showing the effects of changing the tune on water, which also shows the effect reaches maximum after about 3 minutes. Note how the change in water is retained after the scalar is turned off. This is not a measurement of electrical or magnetic field energy on the water.

Under this test, we already knew the scalar boxes were tuned at 6.35 MHz with no water so this is where we started.

At 5.85 MHz the receiver light came back on.

At 5.65 MHz the scalar was again optimally tuned.

The large spike in readings at 17 minutes was me accidentally grounding out the sensor with my body.

For more details, please check this link:

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