Any experiences help autism using Spooky2 Scalar?

My sister Marie sent the following report after my 21 year old niece Lexi spent time in the Spooky2 Scalar field with Spooky2 Rife (Autism).

Lexi is profoundly autistic with Down’s Syndrome.

Lexi Danced yesterday!!!
First time I’ve ever seen it!
She had good success on the potty and I said “yay” and clapped.
Lexi responded with a giggle and about 10 seconds worth of quick “air punches” while still seated on her “throne”!

I was so surprised to see her personality shining through with such spontaneous joy and coordination that I could barely believe my eyes! Lexi’s Dad was taken similarly with this shockingly good news.

This morning on her way to the truck to go to school, her Daddy took her two hands and did a father/daughter sky punch dance. Lexi burst out in angelic laughter! ”

A Spooky2 reader named Beki responded:
I love the spontaneity and vulnerability and hope and heart of your post. Thanks for lighting up humanity a little bit more with your spirit.

Marie responded to Beki:
Thank you Gideon for your abiding depth of love which has led you into rejoicing with us in our good news, so much so that you’ve found yourself sharing it!
Please let Beki know that her well crafted words of response have encouraged me greatly. Pondering their perspective broadens my own and brings me Much Joy!
What a privilege to lighten up humanity a little bit just by sharing our good news!

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