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Q&A: Are there instruments for capturing scalar frequency of a particular vitamin or mineral?

John and Echo

Nor did John know of that maybe some people they claim to have instruments to capture the scalar frequency but John don’t think it’s science yet.

In the Spooky2 database, we have the vibration frequencies for these molecules, they’re not the scalar frequency but the molecular frequencies and we can put them into Spooky2 Scalar for treating.

If you haven’t got a substance for example if you want to put vitamin C into your body, we can look up vitamin C in Spooky2 database and apply that frequency in the modulation.

There are more than eight thousand different kinds of molecular frequencies in Spooky2 database including different kinds of essential oils, supplements, drugs and the vitamins.

So it’s very easy to run those frequencies either through Spooky2 Remote or through Spooky2 Scalar field.

4 thoughts on “Q&A: Are there instruments for capturing scalar frequency of a particular vitamin or mineral?

  1. Jay says:

    I just bought a spooky central plasma system,gen xm essential kit , colloidal silver generator package and a spooky scalar system with a gen x. New laptop computer dedicated to the system. I have had a very bad stroke and could use some Guidance. Cat scan xray,wifi radiation, heavy metals, co infections hunt and kill, cancer panel,immune boost and detox. I dont know how to apply the equipment to maximize the system. I am in central NC and would gladly pay for someone to help me. Need to restore my health and well being. [email protected]

    1. Jay, we have video instructions about Spooky2 Rife machine, you can follow the instructions. Besides, search “stroke” in Spooky2 software. If you want somebody to help you, join our group and ask there will be a good choice: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/

  2. ROBB TOLHOEK says:

    .. I do use a capsule I make that contain many vitamins and minerals.. on the Spooky Scalar that has a great affect on me at night while sleeping. It is only when these are on the coil it makes me detox during the night ..least 4/5x a night .. normally only once without it on my Scalar.. I will list the ingredients in my home made capsules that sits on top of a 99.99 silver coin / Pure Reishi broken spore oil capsules, ( In one capsule mixed together ) Moringa, Turmeric, Andro G, Graviola, Camu Camu, Lions Maine, Brahmi, Poria Cocos, Ginkgo, Brewers yeast, Pregnenolone ..also on the plate: Elite Shungite C60 crystals.. I also drink water containing C60 Fullerenes.. from the Elite stone left in water for 5/7 hours .. so otherwise I feel normally very healthy .. I hope this is of interest to someone.. I have studied natural health and nutrients for many years .. cheers

    1. Thank you for sharing, ROBB. It must be helpful for someone who wants a healthy life.

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