New Scalar Reviews.Com Launched

We are very happy and proud to announce the launch of our new at 9:00 AM (GMT+8:00) on July 23rd.

This website has been specially designed for our customers who want to learn more about how Spooky2 Scalar can help them or gain help from the experience of others. The new site has a clearer navigation bar that makes it easier for scalar users to find reviews they are interested in.

You can browse the latest and hottest reviews on the homepage. Or enter into different categories based on disease or product. You can also search with keywords like “insomnia” in the search bar and all the insomnia-related reviews will be displayed. Then, you will understand how others get help from Spooky2 Scalar.

Don’t wait; just go to to find the helpful information you need!

6 thoughts on “New Scalar Reviews.Com Launched

  1. Hi,I have Epstein Barr virus and Lyme disease and tick borne encephalitis and meningitis.Do you think the spooky 2 scalar can help,I would like a device that’s easy to use,not to much setup.

    1. Dear Francis Kameka, some users have shared in scalar group that they do get positive results using Scalar for Lyme. Scalar is very easy to operate. I would recommend that you post your questions in scalar group and more users will share their experience with you and you will get more helpful information. Here is the group:

  2. Would I find answers for my VERY poor performing scalar system????
    I am disappointed.
    situation: we use scalar overnight. to our bedside.
    in the field me and my wife with very different body condition.
    We used it with and without generator 2.
    We used it with medicine, vitamines on de receiver coil.
    i felt once, twice positive energy from it. but that ‘s all, and poor to nothing over months of tying.
    most of the times poor sleep quality, headache, and surely no positive energy.
    I even tried to light up light tube ind I use the very same light bulb as Jon demonstrated, with no succes.
    I am in doubts.

    1. Dear Gino De Baerdemaeker, I’m sorry for what happened to you and your wife. Please be positive to do any treatment. We need to use our Scalar step by step and until make the most out of it. Firstly, we need to we tune and use it correctly. Drink plenty of pure water, especially before using scalar. Ideally, you should drink six to eight pints a day, half of it before noon. The water flushes toxins and dead organisms out of your body more quickly, and it improves your electrical conductivity. If you feel nauseous, faint, dizzy, or have flu-like symptoms or headaches after exposures to the scalar field, please drink lots of pure water or lemon water and shorten your future Spooky2 Scalar session times appropriately. It is so good for you to put some supplement on the receiver coil and which can strengthen its effectiveness. Doing scalar biofeedback scan for you and your wife respectively, that can help you and your wife find suitable frequencies for your bodies. If you need any help, welcome to post in scalar group where more scalar users can share more helpful information for you:

    2. Boris says:

      Are you considering to sell your device?

      1. Hi, Boris. If you’re interested in Spooky2 Scalar, you can buy it from here:

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