Can We Share Scalar Fields with Other People?

It is recommended that only one person at a time should use Spooky2 Scalar. So what about running it at night, while sleeping with one’s spouse? Will their condition transfer to you?

You are already energetically intertwined with any person you spend time with. Anecdotal evidence describes emphatic or sympathetic symptomatic sharing, not actual transference of disease. And scalar fields are not the only means to transfer information.

Simple plain sunlight (photons) can also do this. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp has already established that the bio photons we emit is all that one needs to share in order to establish an underlying bond, scalar is just another possible conduit. Sharing sunlight with other people (or animals) will have a similar result as sharing a scalar field. We are all beings of energy and light, and we share and influence each other all the time. Scalar is not something that makes this start, it is already happening.

However, for those who are not already in your inner circle, you may wish to lean towards caution. For those who are already in your space, scalar should not be something to fear. At worse, if you start to feel like you are experiencing shared symptomatic responses with the other in the field with you, all you have to do is stop sharing and the symptoms should fade.

This same concern was evaluated with remote use, and many have used remote with multiple people at the same time without issue. The same energetic means is present in the remote. If you are already in a remote with anyone else, the shared scalar experience with that person will be the same.

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