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Can We Share Scalar Fields with Other People

What Are Scalar Fields

A good energy field can impact you a lot. Scalar fields are such fields that can provide the cells with the necessary energy. Time-reversed and forward longitudinal waves locked in resonance jointly generate a scalar energy field. They can enhance the absorption of nutrients and water in cells and accelerate blood circulation. In short, scalar fields can help you achieve good health.

What Is Spooky2 Scalar

Spooky2 Scalar is famous for creating perfect scalar fields to help you improve your health in all aspects. Spooky2 Scalar has three different methods: pure scalar, molecular scalar, and Rife scalar. Spooky2 Scalar uses a Transmitter and a Receiver, both black cases, to create the scalar fields.

When using Spooky2 Scalar, you need to tune the device until the tuning light turns on, indicating energy flows between the transmitter and the receiver. 

Can We Share Scalar Fields with Other People

Some customers want to know whether they can share the same scalar field with their spouse. Will their different symptoms transfer to each other?

There is truly nothing to worry about, and here are the reasons.

Living on the earth, you are already intertwined with other people. Scalar fields are not the only means to transfer information. Our energy fields overlap with others, especially our intimate friends and partners. We influence one another all the time. They can feel our happiness and sadness, and so do we. Sharing the scalar field with your family is just like sharing a dinner with them.

However, Spooky2 does not recommend sharing the scalar energy with unfamiliar people because there may be unknown problems. 

If you start to feel like you are experiencing shared symptomatic responses with the others in the field with you, all you have to do is stop sharing. And the symptoms will fade gradually. 

How to Maximize Spooky2 Scalar Effectiveness

Many factors may change the effectiveness of Spooky2 Scalar. According to our customers’ feedback, here are some ways to maximize its healing effects.

1. Relax your mood. Calm down when using Spooky2 Scalar for your energy well transmission.

2. Use Spooky2 Scalar every day. Remember to use Spooky2 Scalar regularly. Any success takes time to achieve. You cannot attain the best effect if you only use Spooky2 Scalar occasionally. 

3. Try more. There are 3 modes in Spooky2 Scalar. Many substances like medications or essential oils could be placed on your receiver coil. With more attempts and exploration, you will find a new world. 


If you want to try, remember to share your scalar fields only with your family members and pay attention to monitoring your body regularly.

At the same time, we welcome you to communicate with other users on our Facebook group, where many people share their successful experiences or queries during use. Your feelings and confusion will help Spooky2 do better.

Spooky2 Team is full of love & hope. If you have any problems or suggestions, comment below or send e-mails to [email protected].

After receiving your feedback, our customer service will contact you immediately.

4 thoughts on “Can We Share Scalar Fields with Other People

  1. Oscar Demasi says:

    So for the same token, if a healthy person spends time in the scalar with a sick person would the healthy person transmit to the sick and make the sick person energetically well?

    1. Hey Oscar. No. Just like anecdotal evidence describes emphatic or sympathetic symptomatic sharing, not actual transference of disease. The healthy people of the example you said won’t literally affect the sick person.

  2. Abbie says:

    This is quite upsetting. I never read this about remotes….that we could take on things from others in the same remote. We are told that we can run up to 50 people in each remote. My goodness why was this not mentioned!!! I have people with Cancer and mental issues running on remotes with myself. So upsetting that this was never disclosed.

    1. Earl Shawhan says:

      That wont happen Abbie. I guarantee it. Some negative person is trying to share their negative energy with you.

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