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Are you Supposed to Feel Anything When You Are in Scalar Field?

There are a couple of people seem to have a particular sensitivity and can tell when they turn on the scalar device. They can obviously feel scalar energy flow within their body.

But some people have shared that they can’t feel anything in scalar field.

So are you supposed to feel anything when you’re in scalar field?

The answer is “not really”.

Some people do feel scalar energy once opening scalar device, but for the vast majority of people, they can’t feel anything at the beginning.

Before feeling something, be sure that your scalar is set up well and works well for you. You can’t expect a broken rice cooker to cook for you.

Just like vitamin, you won’t feel much of anything after swallowing a vitamin C unless you don’t wash it down with enough water. But if you’re deficient in a mineral, you may realize you’re feeling better than you had been when you stop at some point. And once you are no longer deficient, it won’t make much difference from day to day.

Scalar is the same way. You probably won’t notice anything dramatic from the start. But gradually you might very well begin to notice the subtle improvements in the way you feel. You may feel more energized, concentrated and relaxed.

A lot of users sleep better after lying in scalar field for a period of time. If you sleep in scalar field every night, we highly recommend you run some frequencies related sleep and regeneration. That will help your body to repair the damaged cells and promote the re-growth of new cells, which is the base of health. You can also try to put some substances on receiver coil on the basis of your own health conditions.

All in all, it is quite normal for you to feel nothing when you’re in scalar field at the beginning, but there are some quiet changes in your body all the time. And you will notice those changes over time.

Let’s hear what other users say.

How do you feel when using Spooky2 Scalar? Whether you can feel something or not?

Welcome to comment below.

4 thoughts on “Are you Supposed to Feel Anything When You Are in Scalar Field?

  1. lhsisson says:

    Here is a description of my initial experience with Spooky2 Scalar running as “pure scalar”:
    I received the first of a 2 package shipment of my Spooky2 Scalar Essentials kit today UPS about 3 p.m. The package that came has the entire Scalar system. I assume package 2 which is scheduled to arrive on Monday has the GenX and the rest of the Essentials system.
    So, I set up Scalar in the family room with the intent of watching some TV while trying it out. I set the transmitter and receiver about 6.5 ft apart and sat between them on an all wood chair. Forgot about the cell phone in my pocket until later when I put it out of what I assumed was the scalar field. To be honest, with my background in biological research, engineering and software development I don’t tend to be expecting to “feel” that much from such treatment. For example, I sleep with an Earthpulse PEMF system under my mattress every night and don’t “feel” anything directly but certainly sleep better and, I assume, benefit in other ways health wise.
    Well, this Scalar device definitely affects my body tangibly! Almost immediately I felt a tightness with a kind of good ache in the center of my chest deep. At the same time my pectoralis and deltoid muscles also began definitely to feel tighter with that same “good” ache I remember feeling in the past when working out with weights–it’s been years! Definitely energy was being received by my body. Way too strong to be “placebo” for sure. Interestingly the tight “ache” feeling was more pronounced in places where I had by performing some myofacial release. Anyway, it bordered on being uncomfortable so, after about 1 hour and a break to answer a phone call that lasted about 30 min. I resumed treatment with the receiver and transmitter about 8′ 9″ apart (measuring from lid to lid) again with me in between. The intensity I felt in my body was maybe 25-30 % less but still very perceptible. Again not painful or “bad” just some tightness, “good achy” energized feeling. Anyway, I went about another 45 min. to an hour and moved back to my office to make these notes.
    I should add that I’m pretty sensitive to energy differentials as I move from place to place. In other words, I am a perceiver spiritually and pick up on what is going on in places in that dimension.

    1. Thanks for your support and looking forward to your updates!

  2. Dean Mindock says:

    Soon after lying in the scalar field for the first time, I could feel energy accumulating around my mid-section (2nd chakra). It just kept coming in, never really stopping the whole time I was lying there, about 30 minutes. I was using the pure scalar mode. If the device had no molecular or Rife modulation capabilities, just the scalar mode alone is very nice indeed. My wife, always an uneasy sleeper, sleeps so much better in the scalar field. I ran “hunt and kill” last night and still, she slept soundly.

    1. Dear Dean Mindock, thanks for your sharing and would you mind we share your story in our scalar group to share with more people?

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