When to Turn on or Turn off Receiver Tuning Light

There is a Receiver tuning light on Receiver box, and a lot of scalar users are wondering when to turn it on or turn it off. This blog will answer this question in details.

When to Turn on Receiver Tuning Light

After setting up scalar, turn the tuning Adjustment knob anticlockwise until the tuning light beside the Transmitter coil is at maximum brightness.


When Spooky2 Scalar is first turned on, the output frequency automatically goes to 8 MHz. This is the maximum frequency. Turning the frequency knob anticlockwise, the frequency is reduced. The first peak in the indication light indicates that the “ideal” scalar frequency has been found. The frequency range when the light illuminates is quite broad. If you find that the indication light is brightest at 5.2 MHz, Spooky2 Scalar will still function correctly above and below this exact value.

If you continue to turn the tuning knob anticlockwise, the indication light will extinguish, and then will come back on. This second, lower frequency is the EMF operating frequency. It is the confirmation that the scalar frequency was found in the previous step.

After tuning, turn on the Receiver tuning light. It will light when there is a scalar field being generated.

1. Focus on Transmitter tuning light instead of Receiver tuning light when tuning.
2. The Receiver tuning light only needs to be lit, not be the brightest.
3. Turn on Receiver tuning light after having tuned Transmitter.

When to Turn off Receiver Tuning Light

The Receiver tuning light will take energy from scalar field, so please turn it off during scalar treatments.

Some users have reported that when performing scalar biofeedback scan or running Rife Scalar, the Receiver tuning light may be on, dim or even off. Because some power is lost in the Digitizer and GeneratorX, the link cable becomes more sensitive to the effects of earthing.

If the Receiver tuning light is off, you can do a test to make confirm that if scalar field is present.

This video will show you how to know if the scalar field is present when the receiver light is off.

If you have any other questions about Spooky2 Scalar, welcome to comment below.

5 thoughts on “When to Turn on or Turn off Receiver Tuning Light

  1. KAREN YOUNG says:

    can “grounding sheets” be used at the same time while using the scalar boxes at night while sleeping ??

  2. Lili Vandulek says:

    Is turning on the receiver light a part of the tuning process? I understand that we should turn it off after a few seconds, but is it necessary to turn it on at all, the scalar field is not generated without it being turned on? So if I have a permanent setup which does not change at all, is it not enough to tune only the transmitter box (after the first occasion when it is verified that the setup works)?

  3. Loiseau Jean-Frederic says:

    So the only purpose of the receiver tuning light is to check if there is a scalar field? So we use it only 10 secs when we need to check and then turn it off?

  4. john hyde says:

    In the notes No.3 should that say turn off the Receiver light, rather than on 😊

    1. Dear john hyde, turn off the Receiver light during scalar treatment. After tuning, turn on the Receiver tuning light. It will light when there is a scalar field being generated.

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