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The Incredible Benefits of the 174 Hz

Nature has its own rhythm and frequencies, and they are all around us. The human is like an instrument that can resonate with these waves and energy. Therefore, some frequencies are beneficial to our health while bad ones can be harmful.

Solfeggio frequencies are a series of frequencies that can relieve pain, enhance your concentration during meditation, reduce stress, and awaken your chakras. They are one of the oldest healing frequencies known to humans. The 174 Hz is one of these solfeggio frequencies, and it contains tremendous healing power.

Relieve Pain

The 174 Hz frequency music can effectively relieve pains such as back pain, foot pain, leg pain, lower back pain, and migraine. A study at Harvard showed that the patients listening to the 174 Hz frequency music were recovering faster and needed less anaesthetic and painkillers than those without the music therapy.

Reduce Stress

Just like relieving physical pain, the 174 can also reduce emotional or mental distress. We would all live under pressure from time to time, and some may not have the chance or skill to cope with this much stress. While pressure sometimes can push you to perform better, an unhealthy degree of stress will significantly impair your health. Luckily, the 174 Hz can lessen stress and help you get rid of unnecessary concerns.

Improve Concentration

Have you ever found it challenging to get through a task at work, study for an important exam, or spend time on a complicated project? Many people have trouble focusing because there are so many distractions around them. The 174 Hz tackles this exact problem. It can improve your ability to concentrate, so you may effectively do your job and ignore all the distractions.

6 Simple Steps to Apply 174 Hz to Scalar Field

Step 1
Set up Spooky2 Scalar devices.

Step 2
Connect Generator X to Spooky2 Scalar. Tune Spooky2 Scalar.

Step 3
Open Spooky2 software and click “File” in the upper left corner. Then click “create program.” Create a custom program as shown in the picture.

Click the “save” button on the upper right corner, and then confirm saving.

Step 4
Go to Presets tab. Under Shell (Empty) Presets\Scalar, click Spooky Scalar General (SS)-JW, then go to Programs tab and search “174 Hz.” Double click on the highlighted program.

Step 5
Go to the Control tab and tick “Overwrite Generator”. Open a generator port and click the “Start” button.

Step 6
Sit between the Transmitter and Receiver while the programs are running.

Let us say goodbye to pain and stress and enjoy complete relaxation with Spooky2 Scalar.

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