Using Spooky2 Scans And the Spooky2 Scalar to Make Homeopathic Remedies

I’m a Spooky2 user for more than three years and as Lyme patient, I had a lot of good results because with a lowered immunity there is always an inflammation that comes up here or there on the body.

Immediately I treated it with all the Spooky2 devices and the large database, but also it happens that I use herbs to help organs and even I use homeopathy, which gave me complete healing of severe arthritis on my right hand. For making homeopathic remedies I use a Sulis Remedy maker (UK) but there exist others.

Sulis has a database of homeopathic remedies that you can copy in a bottle, of course with the right potencies (dilutions). It often happens that I need a pathogen that is not in the Sulis database. So I found a way that Spooky2 can help me, based on grade scan or fine scan, because in the large Spooky2 database I mostly find more programs to treat that missing bacteria, virus or mold.

But first I have to tell something else, where the Spooky2 forum and Facebook groups were an eye-opener to me. My whole life I was skeptic about dowsing, but the enthusiasm of Spooky2 users convinced me that it is really something valuable. So I practiced dowsing with a pendulum together with my wife. Already after a few days, the results were surprising. Thanks to the many good experiences, I now know for sure that it really works and that it is no quack. Thank you, Spooky2 friends! I must say that my wife is much better in it and I think that my systemic neuropathy that’s caused by Borrelia afzelii (Lyme) makes that some moments that I feel tired or I have brain smog I can’t do dowsing at all, then my wife helps me and this with amazing correctness.

Let’s look now how I make very good and personal homeopathic remedies with Spooky2 devices. To find the best resonating frequencies I do different scans: a grade scan of the concerning programs in the Spooky2 database and a body scan with Xgen. If possible I make a scan of body fluids with the Spooky2 Digitiser.

I use these scan results immediately with the Plasma device, also in Remote. In the meanwhile, I copy the reverse_lookup files of all the different scans in a text editor.

The text that is produced by the Spooky2 software, compact that is difficult to use for dowsing. I manage it so that only the names of pathogens or diseases, without duplicates, are listed in a clear letter type and with a three double line spacing.

Now I print these different “dowsing” lists, which mostly take some pages of paper. We can start dowsing now, one finger checking the items, the pendulum in the other hand. When the list is to long we do it in two or three times. I take note of the strong hits of the pendulum.

This gives me good information about other pathogens that are involved too in my actual health problem. In some cases, I use them as new search term in the Spooky2 database.

But it happens that I find pathogens or physical problems totally new for me, so I am warned to look for it before it becomes worse. That’s real prevention.

After all, we can now make one or more treating programs to use with the different Spooky2 devices. How to put it in a bottle? Very easy. You can put a bottle with water of good quality + 25% alcohol on the small magnetic coil while the program is working. But I prefer to put the bottle on the indicated spot of the Scalar Emitter coil. Sometimes I put myself between the boxes and at the end of the session, the bottle is ready! We control the strength of the remedy by our pendulum. Mostly it reacts very strongly (good) and even better than the Sulis remedies. Ones it happened that the bottle didn’t react well, this means the program I used on Spooky2 was not good and so I didn’t continue use it further.

A homeopathic remedy made by Spooky2 is powerful and can be copied by a Sulis device. Use C 0.1 dilution and the copy will be fine.

After a week I check if the remedy in the bottle if still works strongly and mostly that’s the case. If not there two possibilities: or the health problem is solved then you simply stop the treatment, or the body asks a higher dilution, C3 or C9. Here the pendulum helps us to do all this.

Of course, the programs by which I made the homeopathic bottles, can be used simultaneously with all the Spooky2 devices for faster results. So it happens that problems are solved in a short time.

Why are the homeopathic remedies often stronger than others? Simple that by the grade and the fine scanning the remedy contains the right strains and frequencies of the pathogens, specially made for that person.

With love for the Spooky2 team: they deliver such great software and hardware and making it better and more performing again and again. The medicine of the future.

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