Two Months of Spooky2 Scalar, Overall Better Health

Two months of Spooky2 Scalar

I’ve seen many improvements with my skin some moles are almost half their size.

Overall better health

Have done 3 years of riffing also to point of no herxing at all most of time, but with Spooky2 Scalar an hour after use could hardly get up from herxing super heavy feeling headache, Body aches shocking really another level of healing.

But have an interesting update about my golden retriever, for years he has had black skin on stomach and legs flakes off many groomers comment and the vet had no idea. I believe a symptom of Morgellons he has had improved health with riffing no more lesions on legs, hair shiny again, no itching, clear eyes and nails are solid not hallow as they were 3 years ago and now with one hour scalar treatments, every other morning his skin is turning white and pink amazing he is 8 years old and the picture of health now.


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