Today I Feel Great NO pain Anymore.

Hello, my Scalar order arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it. Immediately I found relief when I sat in front of it and even fell asleep. Later I put it between my bed and last night slept with them going all night. With amazing results this morning, no pain anymore. 3 weeks ago I made a great mistake in my eating habits. Normally I am very Healthy and even studied Nutrition over many years. Anyway one night I had a meal late at night which I normally don’t do. But anyway I had a meal with very Hot Chilli’s in it and went to bed with soon after. That night I burnt or severely damaged my esophagus and stomach lining. It was very painful to eat or even walk short distances. It felt like having a Heart attack most of the day. I tried many vitamins, lots of water but nothing changed. It still hurt as much as the first day I did this. Sleeping at night was worse, mainly sleeping on my left side. I believe was burned or damaged more.

I was very pleased to see my Scalar arrive on Saturday and so set it up and sat down. After about 3 minutes my body or Cells seemed to calm down and even felt sleepy. The pain seemed to have stopped and I stayed there for an hour as it felt good. After that I set the Scalar up at my bed and that night slept soundly.

Today I feel great NO pain anymore. I just can’t believe the change that just happened.

So thank you again for everything.


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