There has Been an Overwhelmingly Positive Response After Using Spooky2 Scalar

From the time I got my Spooky2 Scalar, I’ve been taking it to the meditation class I go to and setting it up with a long (100′) link cable so it covers the whole office space. I set the transmitter up in the far back room (there are 2 small rooms and one large (25’x25′) space) and I have been setting the receiver up on the little patio on the other end. The weather has been supportive of doing so to this point, but Fall is here and so soon will be the rain. Most of the time, I’ll run one of the Schumann resonance frequencies on it too.

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response. And on the couple times when I couldn’t make it to class, I was told that they missed having the scalar field. (not me though )

I know the thing about it reduces the amount of energy when you get multiple people in the field. But we typically have 10-12 persons in the room at the time and everyone seems to experience an increase in energy and well-being. I know it sounds strange, but we have people who call into class from other parts of the country and even they claim to feel it. (I know, it makes no sense) My current working theory is that since we’re using scalar energy, and radionics uses scalar energy to affect a change at a distance, it’s probably related to that.

Several people have said quite matter-of-factly that they can feel the scalar field. One of them I mentioned, is an acupuncturist and she equates the feeling to that of an acupuncture treatment. For that reason, she has ordered her own SS. Another member of the group has ordered one too and there are at least 2 more people preparing to order their very own Spooky Scalar setups! If only there were Spooky Scalar dealerships available!

Anyway, everyone I’ve “auditioned” SS to has been impressed with the results. There is a range of outcomes being reported from it just making them feel good to a huge increase in 6th chakra clarity.

If JW gets around to making a larger unit for applications like mine, I’m in!

Happily Scalar-ing along in NorC

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